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Jumbo Restaurant Seafood

JUMBO FLOATING RESTAURANT - Aberdeen: MTR to Admiralty, change to bus no. 75, get off at Aberdeen Centre, walk to the waterfront, and take the free boat of Jumbo company to the restaurant

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant, very famous for its size and appearance in James Bond and Jackie Chan movies, is in fact, not really impressive. It is a nice picture taking spot but the food it provides is nothing special at all. You have to pay for about HK$ 500 for a meal for something you can have in Cheung Chau for only HK$ 50. It is much better if you are going for Dim Sum lunch because it is cheaper and you can seat on the roof of the ship - the Top Deck on the 4/F (TD/F, the top of the boat) which is an ideal place for brunch. One thing I have to admit is that the service is good there.

Make sure you are going to the 3/F because it is the original Jumbo. The "pretty" girls will TRY to take you to the 2/F which is not Jumbo and you can't leave without spending less than HK$ 1,000. They are pretty but evil. One time they told us Jumbo (3/F) was full but we didn't believe and insisted to go up and found out there were plenty empty seats.

There is another floating restaurant in Shatin, where the food is cheaper.

CHEUNG CHAU - A taste of the sea wind, a smell of the water, and a sight of skyscrapers-no-more. Cheung Chau is a quiet fishing village (except in the weekends) that still preserve the typical scene of HK some hundreds year ago. Seafood for 2 could be as low as HK$ 100 (3 dishes). There are tons of seafood restaurants in Cheung Chau and the best one are on the praya walkway on the left side of the ferry pier as if you can just getting off from there. JUST DON'T go to the one at the end of the praya because it cheats foreigners. I went there once and they gave me an English menu which everything was twice more pricey than they were in the Chinese menu.
HAPPY VALLEY WET MARKET - Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley, tram to Happy Valley stop. Want to have decent seafood but Jumbo is considered too pricey? Go to the food court inside the wet market at Happy Valley. Abalone, Shark's Fin Soup, Lobster all within HK$ 100 each.

TEMPLE STREET - Exit C, Yau Ma Tei MTR Station

Let’s play Fear Factor, HK. You can have Scorpio, bugs, frog, snake, shellfish, and many other kinds of weird food at Temple Street. Apart from that, Temple Street is a cheap place to eat Cantonese food. (HK$ 50 / person)

Snake wine and soup - Sham Shui Po, Castle Peak Road x Kweilin Street, Exit D2, Sham Shui Po Station

You come to HK / China you got to try the snake wine / soup. (You may eat cat and dog in China but I do not recommend it) They are hella cheap as well. Apart from trying the snake meat, you may come to the shop in the afternoon and you will get a chance to see the demonstration of making snake soup and wine every day. In simple words, they took a live snake by its head with one hand the whole time, then use a knife to cut through its body from neck to tail. They put the knife down and use the free hand to grab the bladder and squeeze the juice inside to make the wine... You can film it if you want.

Snake Wine, HK$ 20 for a shot. The Snake Wine is known as the YOU-WILL-BE-DRUNK-AFTER-3-SHOTS wine. Well its only HK$ 60 for 3 if you dare to try ;-)


SPRING DEER - 1/F, 42 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Exit N3, Tsim Sha Tsui East Station (HK$ 100 / person). This restaurant does not have a fancy environment or a smart entrance. However, the food is really good and not too expensive. Waiters are all like middle age Chinese man but they speak pretty good English! Actually, they can speak Japanese and some other languages as far as I can see. MUST TRY - Beijing Duck, Hot and Sour Soap


CRYSTAL JADE - 3328 Harbour City, TST, Exit E, TST MTR Station - have a great variety of side dishes which are all delicious. (HK$ 60 / person) They can be found also in New Town Plaza, Shatin and Times Square, Causeway Bay.

XIA MIN GUAN - 2F, Elements, Kowloon MTR Station. Cheaper than Crystal Jade but the food is as good.

Both Crystal Jade and Ha Min Guan are very popular so you better make reservation or be there not later than 6 pm for dinner.
Sze Chuen

SHANG XIN SHUAN LA FENG - Fuk Wing Street, Exit D2 Sham Shui Po MTR. Want something really really spicy? Try the noodle from this tiny Sze Chuen noodle place. Prepare some napkins and lots of water.

YU HEUNG Grilled Fish - 12 Nga Tsin Long Road, Kowloon City, Minibus no. 2 from Festival Walk. The grilled fish is a popular dish of Sze Chuan. The whole fish (with head and tail, of course) is grilled with thousands of chilly pepper. It is very tasty; but you may have difficulty in eating it for the first time because of all the bones you can still find from the fish.

SANXILOU - 51 Garden Road, 7F Code Plaza, 15 minutes walk from Exit J2 Central MTR. Arguably the best Sichuan food place in HK, a bit pricey as you may expect from its location.

SPICY MAMA - 234 Temple Street, Jordan, Exit C2, Jordan MTR. It is probably correct to call this Spicy Mama because it is really HOT! The most genuine Sze Chuen food you can find in HK. The Spicy chicken, Spicy Tofu and Tantan Noodle are their signature dishes. They have 7 levels of spiciness. I have tried the level 6. The food was really tasty, just I was shitting for 2 days after.


XIAMEN FENGWEI - 44 Mei King Street, To Kwa Wan. Tired of Cantonese food? Go try the Fujian style in this restaurant.

Hunan food is probably the spiciest kind of Chinese cuisine. If you can handle Sze Chuan, go for Hunan next time.

MRS. HUNAN - 354 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon City. A true taste of Hunan with an atmosphere of countryside Chinese restaurant; you know what I mean if you have ever been to a small China town. Good food and service.


NOMADS - 53 Kimberly Road, TST, Exit B1, TST MTR Station - The mutton Hotpot is awesome. (HK$ 100 / person) They also have all you can eat deal sometimes for only HK$ 200.

Xin Jiang

BA YI Restaurant - 43 Water Street, Sai Wan, taxi to Water Street from Sheung Wan MTR Station - Ba Yi is the best place to try mutton or lamp chop in HK. They have 10 different ways to cook mutton for you and they are all just incredible. (HK$ 100 / person)

Hot Pot

Hot pot is a way of eating in China / Oriental. A boiling pot will be put in the middle of a table, with all the raw meats and vegetables beside it. When you want to eat something, use your chopsticks to dip the food into the boiling water, and wait for it to be cooked. Another interesting fact about Hotpot is the different kinds of sauce. From spicy to not spicy. If it is spicy, it is really spicy. The best way to do Hotpot is doing a Hotpot buffet. Many Chinese restaurants offer this in Winter and some even in the Summer. A Hotpot buffet costs you HK$ 100 with unlimited soft drinks, sometimes beers as well.

KAM SHA KOK - Exit C, Shatin Wai Station, near Sha Kok Estate. This is one of the restaurants you must try in HK, Lets not talking about the food first. This unique HK style of Tai Pai Dong, or Mushroom Hut as described by local people, is the most traditional Cantonese restaurant in HK. If you want to know about the local dining culture, get your ass up there quick before the government demolished every single one of them in the next 10 years.

So, what about the food? It has Hotpot buffet comes with unlimited soft drink, about HK$ 60 per person. A little hot eating outdoor in the Summer though. Other than that, the seafood dishes are almost as good as you can get from a hotel restaurant. Last but not least, their Chiu-Chowish drinking snacks is another popular delicacy. Such as squid, duck wings, duck tongues and fried pig intestine.

FONG WING KEE Hotpot Restaurant - 85 Hau Wong Road - A very traditional Chinese hotpot restaurant aka the best way to do Cantonese hotpot. Raw beef in satay sauce is the chef's recommendation. (HK$ 100 / person)

HIPOT - 5F Chuang's London Plaza, 219 Nathan Road, Exit C1 Jordan MTR. Not so special about the food but this place provides every customer a 'pot' for his or her own use. A different kind of experience. It also has all you can eat option, and a student card will give you a discount. You can also find Hipot in Kwun Tong and Causeway Bay.

TACK HSIN RESTAURANT - 2F, Peninsula Centre, 67 Mody Road, TST; Exit P2 TST MTR. A very typical all you can eat hotpot place with good service and English menu. HK$ 150 per person any time.

Little Sheep - 16 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Exit C4, Mong Kok MTR. Another hotpot place but what makes this place special is their lamb / mutton. Directly from Mongolia and it is the best hotpot lamb in HK. They also have all you can eat / beer deal but you have to 'ask' for it. If you look like someone who cannot read Chinese they will assume you are getting the a la carte menu which is like 3 times more expensive.

HK$ 100 Taiwanese Hotpot, HOTPOT SUPER - 2F, 43H Dundas Street, Exit A2, Yaumatei MTR. Another all you can eat and soft drinks place but this one features Taiwanese style and each customer gets his / her own pot. Many soup bases to choose from.


CHUEN CHEUNG KUI - 33 Nelson Street, Mong Kok, Exit E2, Mong Kok MTR Station - A typical HK Chinese restaurant, offering cheap Cantonese food, HK$ 50 per person. Their chicken is among the best in town.

Noodle - As I have said in other part I prefer Japanese noodle (ramen) to Chinese noodle; but if including the foods that go with the noodle, it is always the one with Chinese foods are better. If you like beef (and noodle), you must go and try the beef brisket noodle from either KAU KEE (21 Gough Street, Central - Exit E2 Sheung Wan MTR) or Wah Jeir (13A Electric Road, Tin Hau - Exit A2 Tin Hau MTR). Their beef is so soft, the soup is so tasty, and it is not expensive at all!


KAM WAH barbecue Pork - 9 Jubilee Street, Central; Exit C Central MTR. Barbecue Pork is probably one of the most popular Chinese dishes in HK. This Kam Wah restaurant is very famous for its barbecue pork as well as other kinds of roast meat. Besides, its interior design is also quite impressive.


HUI LAU SHAN - All over HK, a very successful cooperation specifies in providing Chinese desserts. (HK$ 20 / person) You will fall in love with every thing they have if you like fruits. They have 10 different kinds of mango desserts for example.

TEI MOU KOON Dessert - 47 Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City - Mango pancake and other kinds of Chinese desserts, you would just love this place. (HK$ 20 / person)

KUNG WO DOU BUN CHONG - 67 Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City - The Tofu brain (sweet tofu) and Soya bean milk are their best offer. (HK$ 10 / person)

Pot Rice

TIM LOK YUEN Eating House - 4 Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City - The dish of the day is Chinese rice in a hot pot. It is steamed rice cooked in a hotpot together with beef or pork or chicken. It smells really good. (HK$ 50 / person)


Very Good
Mr. Wong, Hong Kong
Mr. Wong

MIDO Restaurant - Temple Street, Exit C Yau Ma Tei MTR. This restaurant at the corner between Temple Street and Public Square Street is a very traditional HK post-war style restaurant. It still remain its art-deco interior and an old-school cashier machine. The people are friendly; and the pork rice and noodles are something you have to try there. I enjoy going there at dusk because it is the time when the night market at Temple Street starts business. I can see from the windows of the restaurant people getting ready for business at night market. It is very fascinating.


OCEAN EMPIRE Congee - Ocean Empire Congee is not the place you can have the best congee in HK, but it is a very convenience way to taste traditional Chinese breakfast (doesn't matter if you are having breakfast or not indeed). Ocean Empire Congee has branches all over HK. Apart from congee, you can also try some 'breakfast-dishes'. Such as, Tulip Cake and Sticky Rice Dumpling. (HK$ 20 / person) They have branches in both Mong Kok and Shatin.

VERY GOOD Chinese Restaurant - Basement, 90 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Exit B1 Tsim Sha Tsui Station. A very typical Chinese restaurant but the food is so good, the price is average and the service is great! I have tried the HK$ 298 set dinner and I got Abalone, Shark's fin, Sea Cucumber, Fish, Crab, Prawn...all the things what Chinese people normally include in what they called a 'Great Feast'. I still couldn't believe I could try all of them in only HK$ 298; yet the most wonderful thing of this restaurant is the service they provide. They could not speak English very well but they are very attentive and good in detail! No wonder she is called 'Very Good Restaurant' !!! If you want to try the essence of Cantonese Cuisine, there is no place better than this one. Remember, its the HK$ 298 dinner set. If you have family or friends coming to visit, take them there for the best Cantonese meal.

MR. WONG - The only place in the world where you can get unlimited food and beer at dinner time for only HK$ 40 (US 5, Euro 4, GBP 3) - 10 Shumchun Street, Exit C2, Mongkok MTR Station.

The place is called something Hong Lok Restaurant, the owner - Mr. Wong has to come up with such a crazy yet successful business plan. All you can eat and drink at HK$ 50 from 9 pm till late. It is very popular every night (no need to ask why, right?). So once you are lucky to get a place to seat down, Mr. Wong and his team will start giving you food - whatever they feel like cooking for you, basically the typical Chinese dishes you can get from your home countries. So you do not and you will not order anything. You can go get your beers anytime you want and no one will stop you. They will stop bringing food to you until you stop them as well.

It is fun to go with a group, not only you can try more kinds of dish, also I guess Mr. Wong is all about having a good time drinking with your friends. The food is not really good. HK$ 50 for a buffet, well, you should not have any expectation and should not have any disappointment anyway.
Dim Sum

SERENADE Chinese Restaurant - 1F, Cultural Centre, TST, Exit E, TST MTR Station - Trying all different kinds of Dim Sum with the tremendous view of the Victoria Harbour. Located at the heart of TST, inside the Cultural Centre, nothing better to spend an afternoon than that. (HK$ 100 / person) This one and the one at City Hall Central (both belongs to the same company) are the few Dim Sum restaurant which still use moving trolley to sell their foods. Therefore, you can see the food before getting it and you can pick the one you like the most. Both also offer the harbor view; but the menu is a bit expensive.

ONE DIM SUM Chinese Restaurant - Tung Choi Street x Playing Field Road, Exit A, Prince Edward Station. This is a nice place if you want to try Chinese Dim Sum. Every thing is about HK$ 10 only. It is a small restaurant only sells Dim Sum. Not like a big, fancy Chinese restaurant, sure it is the best way to experience traditional Chinese food as well as to understand the lifestyle of typical local people. This tiny restaurant is now becoming so popular after Michelin gives it a Star in its dining guide.

LIN HEUNG LAU - 160 Wellington Street, Central. Again, very popular. Avoid going during lunch hours. It is a very very traditional Chinese Dim Sum restaurant. One of the few places you can actually experience 'China' in HK.

All you can eat dim sum - PARAMOUNT Restaurant. 2F, Emperor Plaza, 55 Chung On Street (intersection with Sha Tsui Road), Tsuen Wan, Exit B2, Tsuen Wan MTR. This restaurant provides dim sum buffet in the morning, late afternoon and late evening. You can also choose the regular food buffet option in the evening.

TIM HO WAN - B2, IFC, HK MTR. The first dim sum place around the world achieved a Michelin Star. In my humble opinion, their dim sum is pretty good; but there are just many more dim sum places in HK which are as good as them.

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