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WONG CHUN CHUN Thai Restaurant - 23 Tak Ku Ling Road, Kowloon City - One of the best Thai restaurants in the area among like 20 of them. Thai food is popular for its spicy taste, seafood and desserts. (HK$ 100 / person)

SAI KUNG Thai Restaurant - Man Nin Street, Sai Kung. There are 2 Thai food restaurants at Man Nin Street, Sai Kung. They provide yummy Thai food in reasonable price. (HK$ 100 / person)

The Spice House - 35 Amoy Street, Wanchai, Exit A3, Wanchai MTR. Simply cheap and delicious Thai food. Friendly service and chill-relaxing atmosphere. Recommendation - Morning Glory, Chicken Rolls, Spicy Seafood Soup and Crispy Noodle.

WING CHUN Vietnamese Restaurant - 5 Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City - A very cheap restaurant for delicious Vietnam food; chicken feet, raw shrimp, curry beef, you won't be disappointed if you dare to try. (HK$ 50 / person)

ISLAM Food - 1 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City - Minced beef cake and the boiled sliced beef are the most popular dishes of this restaurant. (HK$ 50 / person)

Indonesian - BEBEK BENJIL 3 - The Broadway, 54 Lockhart Road, Wanchai - 22178000,

WAI KEE - 1F Bowrington Road Market, Bowrington Road, Exit A, Causeway Bay MTR. This curry lamb made in traditional Islamic style in Wanchai is one of the best in HK. Most importantly, it is so cheap.


CHUNG KING Mansion - Exit L, TSTE Station; or Exit G, TST MTR Station

Chung King Mansion is a interesting place in HK, its where most Middle East and Africa people stay when they come to HK because there are plenty of cheap hostels in the Mansion. Of course, there are also European and American stay in. But the majority of Middle East and Africa people make it the best place for Middle East or African food. There are plenty of good Indian Restaurants and here is one I like the most: (HK$ 70 / person)

TAJ MAHAL Club - 3/F Block B-4. You usually pay less than $100 for a dinner, and $60 if you share the food together.

TASTE OF INDIA - Indian food in additional to good service. (HK$ 100 / person)

GAYLORD - 23 Ashley Road, TST, Exit L5 TST MTR. Actually there are plenty good restaurants on Ashley Road; Japanese, Chinese, Irish, Korean, just to name a few.

SHAFFI'S Indian Restaurant - 14 Fau Tsoi Street, Yuen Long, Yuen Long MTR Station. A nice Indian place opened by Indians living in Yuen Long. Cheap and original.

Sri Lankish

Claimed to be the only restaurant serving Sri Lanka food in HK - AJ's in Sai Kung - G/F, 14 Sai Kung Hoi Pong Street, right behind the Seafood Street's Gate. (

Korean BBQ - Han-yang Won Korean Restaurant - 1/F Chong Hing Square, 601 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Exit E1, Mong Kok MTR Station

Han-yang Won has about 10 restaurants in HK, and this one in Mong Kok is among the biggest. It provides Korean BBQ buffet at about HK$ 50 for lunch or HK$ 100 for dinner. The buffet contains raw meat for both BBQ and Hotpot, and cooked meat and desserts. You will be eating so much at the end.

Han-yang Won has another stores in TST, Jordan and Causeway Bay.

Kim Mi Restaurant - 5F Yau Shing Commercial Centre, 51 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Exit E2, Mong Kok MTR Station

This is another good place for Korean BBQ. Slightly more expensive than Han-yang Won, but the food is a lot better.

Korean food - Myung Ga - 301, World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, HK, Exit D1, Causeway Bay MTR Station

Myung Ga is a very tradition Korean Restaurant that many visiting Korean come to this place to find a cure to their homesick. The tar tar beef in Korean style is a must try. (HK$ 150 / person)

Kimberley Street, TST - Exit B2, TST MTR, near Nutsford Terrace. This neighborhood is known as the Little Korea of HK, so you can find some nice little Korean restaurants there.


Sushi bar in HK is plenty and various. They are cheap in compared to the rest of the world. 2 pieces of sushi costs from HK$ 10 to HK$ 50. However, not many of the sushi bars are good.

The ITAMAI Sushi at L1, Festival Walk is one of the best. Be careful, eating sushi maybe addictive. You will be spending more than HK$ 100 once you get in :-)

KANAMIZU SUSHI - GF, 92 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. 27246363

A place for half price sushi which is in TST. More choices of sushi can be found at Kanamizu. They offer half price sushi in the afternoon (3 to 5:30 pm) EVERYDAY, also from every night after 10 pm. This place is small so, if you wanna enjoy cheap sushi, I would suggest going in the afternoon.

SUSHI ONE - 1F, Grand Century Plaza, Mong Kok. Exit D, Mong Kok East Station (will be closed in February 2018)

Another half price sushi place special treat starts at 10 pm every day as well.

A few more sushi places can be found in Hillwood Road, TST are also very nice.

OSAKA - 14 Ashley Road, TST, Exit E, TST MTR Station. This Japanese restaurant gives you a little traditional Japanese touch. Most of the customers are Japanese residents or travelers in HK. They have Japanese recipe freshly imported from Japan every day. The Sashimi lunch set is the best deal although it costs you HK$ 150 or more.

YOKOZUNA - 466 Nathan Road, Yaumatei, behind a 7 Eleven. I have my best Japanese ramen ever in Tokyo. The 2nd best? From this Yokozuna ramen shop in HK. Yokozuna is the highest rank in the Sumo sports; and this ramen shop got its name right. While you need to spend about US$ 15 for a simple ramen in Tokyo, here it is only US$ 7. Again, be there before 6 pm if you don't want to wait for at least an hour for a table.

Japanese Restaurant Street – SUNG KIT Street, Hung Hom

Hung Hom, or Whampoa to be precise, is one of the few areas where the Japanese choose to stay in HK. Although Causeway Bay is the place where you can find Japanese influence the greatest in HK, you can only find the best Japanese restaurant at Sung Kit Street.

Sung Kit Street is a very narrow alley mixed with 3 or 4 Japanese restaurants and a number of Chinese dessert shops. The Japanese restaurants there are so good that if you arrive later than 18:00, it is not surprised that you will have to wait for at least 1 hour before having your seat.

The most famous one is KATIGA - Tel: 2764 6436 (HK$ 150 / person). Bring enough cash with you because they don't take credit card, and their food is so great that you will keep on eating more and more!

MING GENERAL Sushi - 3F Hilton Plaza, Shatin, Shatin (Shatin MTR); 6F Dragon's Centre, Sham Shui Po (Exit C); or 2F Ginza Plaza, Mong Kok (Exit E2)

HK$ 50 all you can eat sushi lunch or dinner buffet! Probably the cheapest way to eat sushi in HK although the sushi are not very tasty as you may know.

BUTAO Ramen - 11 Wo On Lane, Central / Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay. Best Ramen in HK among many local people's hearts. My experience is that the soup is really tasty, but the ramen itself is not very special. I think for a good ramen, both the soup and the noodle are equally important. In addition, this place is so crowded the whole day and I do not think it is worthy to wait for an hour every time, even the soup is very tasty. Anyway, if you want to try, be prepared to wait for up to 1 hour. Tang Lung Street has become a Ramen street nowadays btw.

It is noticed that BUTAO has opened a new restaurant in TST (Minden Avenue). Critic has that the ramen in this new one is nothing like Butao. What a shame...

Ramen Champion - Basement, Prudential Building, Exit E, Jordan MTR.

Ramen Champion is a concept from Japan where there are a number of Ramen restaurants gathered together in a dining hall competing with each other. In this one in HK, there are 6 of them and they serve similar ramen. All around HK$ 70 and in good quality. An ideal place for ramen lover!

KAKUREGA Ramen - 7F Dragon Centre, Exit C2 Sham Shui Po MTR. Legend has that the Kakurega is opened by one of the founders of Butao Ramen; that may explain why Kakurega has become so popular quickly even when it is located in Sham Shui Po - an old district where people would not pick to try new business usually.

In Japanese, the name of this restaurant means hidden. It is very correct that this restaurant is located in an old district, hiding away from downtown Central and TST. But it is this kind of condition usually treasure can be found. Tsukemen is the kind of noodle you can find only in Kakurega in HK. Basically it is like the lomen of China. Soup and noodle are prepared and served separately. Just go to this restaurant sometime and you would not be regret. Sham Shui Po is such a cool district after all.

Seafood Market - Wanchai Ferry Pier.

Middle Eastern

Kebab - EBENEEZER'S - Lan Kwai Fong, Central (Exit D2, Central MTR Station); or 89 Lockhart Road, Wanchai (Exit C, Wanchai MTR Station); or 32 Ashley Road, TST (Exit E, TST MTR Station)

Ebeneezer's kebab is everyone's favorite after getting tipsy. They have both spicy or non-spicy kebab which is cheap and yummy, and good for hangover. They are all located near the bar districts of HK with a reason. (HK$ 40 / person)

Turkish - ISTANBUL EXPRESS - 177 Wanchai Road, Wanchai; or GF, 66 Lockhart Road, Wanchai (Exit C, Wanchai MTR Station). Very cheap but good quality Turkish food. You wouldn't be regret!

OUR Restaurant - 1A / 1J, Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok. More than just a kebab.

OTTOMAN - GA10B, Lei King Wan, 55 Tai Hong Street, Exit A Sai Wan Ho MTR. This little Turkish restaurant is a hidden treasure in the East of HK Island. It is cheap but the food is great. Service and portion are decent.

Lebanese - BEIRUT - Winner Building, 27 D'Aguilar Street, Central (LKF), 28046611

Nepalese - NEPAL - G/F, 14 Staunton Street, Central, 28696212

The best Laksa in HK - Katong Laksa, GF, 8 Ma Sha Street, Sheung Wan. Exit A2, Sheung Wan MTR

Halal Food

Please visit the Islamic Union of Hong Kong website.
Something Classy

BO INNOVATION -  2F, 60 Johnston Road, Wanchai, 28508371 - You gotta try their 12-course menu with rice roll and Chinese sausage ice-cream ;)

ISLAND TANG - 222, The Galleria, 9 Queen's Road, Central, 25268798

SHIRO - 1F, Pacific Place, Admiralty, 21558066 - Great interior design

T'ANG COURT - 1F, Langham Hotel, TST, 23751133

BICHO - 26F, Continental Diamond Plaza, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, 25766777 - This Japanese restaurant is far from expensive but its stylish!

WASABISABI - 13F, Times Square, Causeway Bay, 25060009 - One of the best (and most expensive) Japanese restaurant in HK

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