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Average prices (among local style restaurant / supermarket, and 5-stars restaurant) (Download Word file)

Food Price (HK $)
A can of Coke 5 - 10
A bottle of water 10
Water / tea in restaurant Free if they are provided in a glass already
A can of beer 10 - 20
A bottle of beer in restaurant / bar 50 (20 in HK style rest.)
A bottle of red / white wine 40 (200 in restaurant)
A bottle of vodka / whisky 150 (500 in restaurant)
A bottle of fruit juice 20
A bottle of milk 30
Juice / milk in restaurant 40
Coffee / tea 30
Chinese tea in Chinese restaurant (unlimited refill normally) 5 - 10 per person
An egg 3
A chocolate bar 10
A candy bar 10
Ice-cream 'one flavor' 20
A piece of cake 30
A piece of bread 5
Vegetable for one person 10
Cheese 100g 50
A McDonald meal (fast-food shops) 40
Spaghetti Bolognaise (Pasta) 60
A bowl of rice 8
Food with rice / pasta 50
Salad 50
Soup 40
Shark fin soup 120
Chinese Barbecue Pork 40
Sushi 20 (5 in supermarket)
Dim Sum 20
Side dish - mandatory to customers 10
American cheese burger 100
Steak / any kind of meat 150
Chicken 50
Chinese noodle 30
Chinese congee 20
Japanese noodle 90
Cup noodle 7
American breakfast 70
Chinese dessert 20
Western dessert (Ice-cream / cheese cake ...) 30 (60 in restaurant)
Cantonese dish 60
Chinese seafood dish 70
Western dish 100
Fish ball x 4 (Street snacks) 10
A roast pigeon 50
Beijing Duck 300
Lobster Chinese style 300
Lobster western style 500
A buffet lunch (all you can eat) 200
A buffet dinner (all you can eat) 400
A lunch set 60
A dinner set 100
Tea set - fish n chips, French toast, chicken wing, pancake ... 40
Midnight set 40
Hotpot 180
Karaoke + food 200 (50 for lunch)

Cook by yourself?

Eating out is so convenient and cheap in HK. The ratio of the number of restaurant / capita of HK is the highest in the world. Although there is a little twist in the favor and the way of preparation, it is still fair to say that international cuisine could be enjoyed in HK (for cheap). Nevertheless, cooking at home is fun sometimes. Especially when you are foreigners, you would love to prepare some ‘home-made’ dishes for your new local friends. Below are some of the places where you can buy all the things you need for showing your skills.


Taste is a supermarket where you can buy nearly everything from different parts of the world. However, Taste is not a good place if you are looking for something cheap. Park’N shop is actually the initial identity of Taste / International / EAT / GOURMET. It changed its name to Taste so that they ‘could’ sell their products at a higher price. You can buy the same thing from Park’N cheaper than from Taste.


Wellcome is another supermarket cooperation in HK. Wellcome sells more localized foodstuff which results in lower quality, but cheaper in price and more local-oriented.


City Super is a very successful supermarket cooperation in HK among those focus on higher quality and price foodstuff. It has almost the same kind of products you could find in Taste, but in a little better quality. City Super usually comes with stationery, personal products and household stuffs sections which makes it more enjoyable to shop there.

*Another supermarkets – SEIYU, APITA, and AEON Supermarkets, are the best places for Japanese foodstuff in town.


The wet market at Nam Sham Chuen (as well as other places in HIK) is not only a place for fun and adventure. Food there is actually much cheaper and better than in Taste, only if you can communicate with the local shop-owners. If you are looking for food for BBQ, better go to the wet market there, and prepare for something like HK$30 for 10 pieces of chicken wings.

Regional Stores

Spanish - FIESTA - 1/F, 13, Li Yuen Street East, Central, Exit C, Central MTR Station This is a small store but it has all you want from Spanish food and wine (well, not all). It is indeed the wholesaler of Spanish food for all the supermarket in HK. So, if you know how to find it, you can save load from your budget. Jamon and wine are the best deal because the price can be as half as how much they cost in any supermarket outside.

SE Asian - All around Kowloon City

Korean - Kimberly Street, Exit B1, TST MTR Station


GATEWAY - 2F, 131, Des Vouex Road Central, Sheung Wan, Exit E5 Sheung Wan MTR Station. It has imported US foodstuffs for every one of us. They don't have great variety, but they do have something different. (OH: 10:00 - 19:00)

A & M American Grocery - 12F, Manning House, 38 Queen's Road Central, Exit D2, Central MTR / 1F Chuang's Tower, 30 Connaught Road, Central, Exit C / Stanley Plaza, Stanley

European - OLIVER - 3/F Prince Building, Central, Exit K, Central MTR Station. Like City Super, Oliver is another European supermarket in HK. The bakery section which is actually La Rose Noire, offers the best cheese cakes in town.

Organic - 360 / ThreeSixty - The Elements - Kowloon Station. This is another non-local style supermarket yet claiming only has organic foodstuff for sale, imported from overseas. However, I would rather pay attention to their food hall on 4/F, which has a variety of choice of international 'fast-food' - Japanese, Indian, Chinese, French, Mexican, American, European, etc.

CAKE-A-LICIOUS - LG/F, 11 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Exit D2, Central MTR Station 2815 2218. Tailor-made cake! Bakery takes order of anything! Even R-rated ones. Submit your design and HK$ 250 per pound to surprise your loved one with a customized cake!


City Super supermarket has far more choices of alcohol than Taste. For special interest, there is a liquor shop at the intersection of Prat Avenue and Hart Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui (Exit A2, TST MTR Station), you can find Absinthe, Jagermeister, etc. there.


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