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Chinese Dishes Recommended and Their Names in both English and Chinese

You may need to install Language Support for Asian Countries to display the Chinese characters if you are using Windows. It could be set in your region / language settings. (V for vegetarian compatible) The (..) after each pronunciation is the tone indication. Please refer to the Useful Cantonese section for detail. (Download Word file)

Food Yummy Star (5) Chinese Name
Steamed Rice-flour Roll - comes with Shrimp, pork or beef 5 腸粉 cheung (s) fun (s)
Pan Fried Taro Cake (V) 3 芉角 wu (m) gok (f)
Deep Fried Dried Shrimp Dumpling - in mayonnaise sauce 4 蝦角 ha (s) gok (f)
Steamed Sticky Rice with Shredded Chicken in Lotus Leaf 4 珍珠雞 jun (s) chu (s) gai (s)
Steamed Pork Rib in Soya Sauce 4 排骨 pai (d) gwut (s)
Steamed Dumpling Chiu Chow Style 4 潮州粉果 chiu (d) chow (s) fun (t) gor (t)
Deep Fried Diced Seafood in Crispy Bean Curd Sheet 5 鮮蝦腐皮卷 sin (s) ha (s) fu (m) pay (d) guen (l)
Fried Squid with Spicy Salt 5 椒鹽鮮魷 jiu (s) yim (d) sin (s) yau (d)
Steamed Air-dried Sausage Bun 3 臘腸卷 lap (m) cheung (s) guen (s)
Lotus Paste Bun (with duck egg inside) 3 蓮蓉包 lin (d) yung (d) bau (s)
Steamed Turnip Cake (V) 4 蘿蔔糕 law (d) bak (m) go (s)
BBQ Pork Pastry 4 叉燒酥 cha (s) siu (s) so (s)
Steamed Pork Cake 4 燒賣 siu (s) mine (m)
Steamed Shrimp Dumpling 5 蝦餃 ha (s) gau (m)
Fried Spring Roll (shrimp inside) 5 春卷 chuen (s) guen (m)
Steamed BBQ Pork Bun 4 叉燒包 cha (s) siu (s) bau (s)
Steamed Beef Ball 4 牛肉 ngau (d) yuk (m)
Egg Custard Tart 4 蛋撻 daunt (m)  tart (s)
Steamed Chicken with Ham and Pig Skin 3 雞扎 gai (s) jart (f)
Lobster Baked with Cheese 5 芝士焗龍蝦 chi (s) see (s) gook (m) lone (d) ha (s)
Roast Pigeon 4 燒乳鴿 siu (s) yue (f) gaup (f)
Peking Duck 5 北京填鴨 butt (s) ging (s) tin (d) iap (s)
Steamed Fish 4 蒸魚 jing (s) yue (d)
Sliced Beef in Pepper Sauce 5 黑椒牛仔骨 hut (s) jiu (s) ngau (d) chai (s) gwut (s)
Diced Pork and Eggplant 4 魚香茄子 yue (d) heung (s) kat (r) chi (r)
Sweet and Sour Pork / Chicken 4 咕嚕肉 / 雞 goo (s) lo (s) yuk (m) / gai (s)
Vegetable (Pak choi / Tung Choi) (V) 5 菜 (白菜 / 通菜) choi (f)
Clam Fried in Soya Sauce 5 豉椒炒蜆 see (m) jiu (s) chow (r) hin (r)
Shrimp Fried with Egg York 5 黃金蝦 wong (d) gum (s) ha (s)
Fried Rice Yeung Chau Style 4 楊州炒飯 yeung (d) chow (s) chow (m) fang (m)
Crispy Fried Noodle with Pork Rib 5 排骨炒麵 pai (d) gwut (s) chow (m) min (m)
Fried Egg with Shrimp 4 蝦仁炒蛋 ha (s) yun (d) chow (r) daunt (r)
Fried Rice Noodle with Beef 5 乾炒牛河 gone (s) chow (r) ngau (d) hor (s)
Tofu in Chilly Pepper 5 麻婆豆腐 ma (d) paul (d) dout (m) fu (m)
Sliced Beef / Lamp in Hotpot 5 牛 / 羊腩煲 ngau (d) / yeung (d) nam (f) bo (s)
Fried Grouper in Sweet Corn Sauce 5 粟米班塊 suk (s) mic (f) baunt (s) five (f)
Chicken / Pork with Cashew 4 腰果雞 / 肉丁 yiu (s) gor (m) gai (s) / yuk (m) ding (s)
Fried Chicken in Lemonade 4 西檸雞 sai (s) ling (m) gai (s)
Steamed Chicken 5 鹽焗雞 yim (d) gook (m) gai (s)
Fried Rice with Egg and Scallop (V) 4 瑤柱蛋白炒飯 yiu (d) chui (f) daunt (s) pak (s) chow (r) fang (m)
Fried Rice with Vegetable (V) 4 生菜炒飯 shan (s) choi (f) chow (r) fang (m)
Rice   fang (m)
Congee   粥 joke (s)
Noodle   麵 min (m)
Rice Noodle   粉 fun (s)
Vegetarian Food   食素 (齋) sic (m) so (f) / drei (s)
Beef   牛 ngau (d)
Lamp   羊 yeung (d)
Pork   豬 chu (s)
Chicken   雞 gai (s)
Fish   魚 yue (s)
Shrimp   蝦 ha (s)
Crab   蟹 hi (f)
Lobster   龍蝦 lone (d) ha (s)
Vegetable   菜 choi (f)
Tea   茶 cha (d)
Water   水 shui (s)
Coke   可樂 hor (s) lok (m)
Beer   啤酒 bear (s) jau (s)
Cup   杯 bui (s)
Chopsticks   筷子 five (f) ji (s)
Bowl   碗 wun (s)
Spoon   gun (s)
Fork   叉 cha (s) *same as tea but different tone
Knife   刀 dou (s) *as in musical note do
Napkin   紙巾 ji (s) gun (s)
Toothpick   牙簽 ar (d) chim (s)
Restroom   洗手間 sai (s) shou (s) kaun (s)
( I ) Eat / Want   (我) 食 / 要 sic (m)
( I ) Don't Eat / Want   (我) 唔食 / 要 m (d) sic (m)

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