Central / West of HK Island

US Consulate The Consulate General of USA - 1 Garden Road, Exit J2 Central MTR Station. You should know about this place, just in case, if you are American. Otherwise, it may be an interesting place to visit as well especially when there is something big happening in the world...

HK Gallery of Planning and Infrastructure - Exit J, Central MTR Station, next to the City Hall. This is an exhibition gallery about the major development of HK in the next 20 years or more. It is not a big one but there are scale models of the city area which are very cool. Also, outside the center is a good place to take picture of the IFC tower, the tallest building in HK, 2003 - 2010.

Court of Final Appeal - Exit J1 or K, Central MTR Station. Court of Final Appeal is the most preserved Colonial-Victorian style architecture in Central. It was the Supreme Court of HK but now called the Court of Final Appeal. It was used as the Legislative Council (Congress/Parliament) of HK from 1997 to 2012, until the Council found a new location at Tamar, Admiralty.

HSBC Headquarter - Exit K, Central MTR Station. The most expensive building in the world at the time it was built, HSBC Headquarter is often used as an example of modern-intelligent architecture. It has a lot of elements designed for energy conservation and logistic convenience. HSBC is known as the heart of HK because it acts as the central bank of HK. The Queen's Road starts from HSBC to Sheung Wan is probably the 5th Avenue of HK.

HK Ferris Wheel - A new member of the tourist attractions of Hong Kong, the 50M tall ferris wheel at the Central Ferry Pier. Right next to the harbor, this ferris wheel may not be considered 'tall' among those in other cities but with the skyscrapers around and claim water right under, you can still get an amazing view when you are riding on it. Of course, the better the weather, the better the view. HK$ 100 for adult, $70 for students, children and senior citizens.

Ferris Wheel

View from the ferris wheel

The Government House - Exit J2, Central MTR Station. Walkthrough Garden Street, turn right after you passed the American Consulate. The Government House is where the ruler - Chief Executive of the HK SAR lives. It is opened to the public sometimes of the year for visit. If you are 'lucky', you may see some demonstrators at the main entrance when you pass by

Peak Tram Terminal - Exit J2, Central MTR Station. Walkthrough Garden Street until you see the American Consulate. The Terminal is at the opposite of the consulate building.

Zoological and Botanical Garden - Exit J2, Central MTR Station. Walkthrough Garden Street and approach to the Government House. The Garden is at the opposite of the House. HK's first zoo and park. It was the place for a lesson of the nature before the open of the Ocean Park. Today, you can still find monkeys, birds, and many other kinds of animal and plant in the park.

International Finance Centre - Exit F, HK Airport Express Station. Walk into HK AE Station from Central MTR Station. Or take the Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui. Except from being the 2nd tallest building in HK (7 in the world), there is nothing special to see at IFC. Everything is expensive there, although the resting area at the rooftop of the mall is a very nice place to chill out with the breeze from the harbor and cuddled by the skyscrapers from all directions. Anyway, it really looks like a GIANT vibrator!

The Monetary Museum on the 55/F

IFC Hong Kong

You can also visit the Stock Market of HK at the Exchange Square which is just next to the IFC, its HK$ 10 for entrance.

Central Pier - Exit F, HK Airport Express Station. Walk into HK AE Station from Central MTR Station. Or take the Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui. The piers for ferries to the remote islands - Lantau, Cheung Chau, Lamma, East Ping Chau, etc. At Pier 8, you can find the newly opened Maritime Musuem.

Shun Tak Centres - Exit D, Sheung Wan MTR Station. The pier to Macau on the HK Island

Lan Kwai Fong - Exit D2, Central MTR Station, walkthrough Theatre Lane to the direction of the Entertainment Building, then cross the Queen's Road Central to D'Aguilar Street on the opposite side of the road and there you are. LKF is the bar and club area where almost every foreigners in HK enjoy there nightlife every night. In big times such as, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Halloween, etc., the area is crowded with both local and foreign people. You can forget about your identity of daytime, and be free to be whatever you want there. Check the Nightlife section for more.

SOHO - The area from Lan Kwai Fong to the West until Sheung Wan is known as the SOHO (South of Hollywood Wood Road) district of HK (includes Wellington Street, Stanley Street and Hollywood Street). It is an area of international cuisines and bars. They are pricy but worth trying.

University of HK - HKU MTR Station. The most popular university in HK, also has a campus of more than 100 years of history. From HKU, you can also walk to the Peak, a more interesting way to go to the Peak than taking the Peak Tram or bus.

Mount Davis - Taxi from Kennedy Town MTR Station. The hill on the far west of HK Island. There is a YMCA hostel but apart from that, nothing is there except a few abandoned pre-second world war buildings. Could be a very cool adventure.

Hiking at Mount Davis - the history of HK's defense against the Japanes during the WWII - Bus no. 5 from Pacific Place, Admiralty. (Camp site during the war)

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception - Bus no. 40 / 40M from Pacific Place bus stop, exit F, Admiralty MTR Station, get off at Caine Road bus stop. The Arch-Bishop office of the Roman Catholic Church in HK. The biggest church in town.

The Center - Exit C, Central MTR Station, walk along Des Vouex Road Central to the West. The Center is a 80 storey building used to have a restaurant on the 48/F known as Sky Diner. Nowadays, when people talk about the Center, they will mention the freaky computerized optics light show on the curtain wall of the building, started from 18:00 to midnight. The light changes in rainbow colors, and at 20:00, 21:00 and 22:00 sharp, the lightshow acts as an alarm clock by becoming vigorous.

Lomography - 2 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, near Hollywood Park Hollywood Road. A store of Lomography cameras.

PMQ - Exit E3, Sheung Wan MTR Station. A new art promoting venue, renovated from a former police quarters on Aberdeen Street, Sheung Wan. It has public events from time to time; and stores opened by local designers. The cafe on the ground floor is also a nice place to chill in the middle of the urban jungle.


Island Shangri-La Hotel - Dining on the highest restaurant on the island, feel like a celebrity. Right on top of the Admiralty MTR Station, Exit F.

Bank of China Hong Kong Bank of China Tower. This 300 m tall building is popular for its unique outlook. Tourists can go to the 43/F of the building and take a look at the city 'below'. Exit F from Admiralty MTR Station, through Pacific Place. The BOC is a violation of all the Feng Shui concepts according to local Feng Shui masters. They said it looked like a knife which is so violent and gives the surrounding a feeling from the hell. Therefore, two lamp posts in the shape of a penis are built in front of the main entrance to increase the aurora of life and energy for balancing the surrounding 'air'.

HK Park. A very nice park, contains a greenhouse and an open area where free performance is held sometimes. The Tea Culture Museum is also located inside the park.

Tamar Park - also the location of the head office of the HKSAR Government. The park itself is a huge open waterfront area where you can picnic, exercise, take pics of the harbor, etc.


HK Convention and Exhibition Centre - Exit A1, Wanchai MTR Station, follow the sign and walkthrough the footbridges. Or, Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui. The HKCEC is a complex of 6 stars hotels, office buildings, shops, convention, and exhibition centers. It is the place where the re-unification ceremony of HK took place, and the cribs where almost every world class celebrities choose to stay when they come to HK. So, you may try your luck by waiting at the lobby of the Grand Hyatt Hotel there. HKCEC also has a wide range of exhibitions held throughout the year. The book fair, electronics fair, and video game fair attract not only the locals but people around the world to see what is going on in Asia.

Immigration Tower - Exit A1, Wanchai MTR Station, follow the sign and walkthrough the footbridges. Or, Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui. The Immigration Department of HK, a place you should know for Visa and traveling matters.

HK Academy for Performing Arts - Exit A1, Wanchai MTR Station, follow the sign and walkthrough the footbridges. Or, Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui. A place for musical and performance other than the Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui

HK Art Centre- Exit A1, Wanchai MTR Station, follow the sign and walkthrough the footbridges. Or, Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui. A place for showing non-mainstream art films.

Southorn Playground - Exit B2, Wanchai MTR Station. A typical playground in HK, but the basketball courts there attract the American Navy to game 1 or 2 when they visit HK with their gunship or aircraft carriers. Believe it or not, its a showcase of NBA style.

Lockhart Road bar street - Exit C, Wanchai MTR Station. A street full of bar and clubs. Less populated than LKF. (Please also see Nightlife Section)

Revolving Restaurant (Please see Eating Section)

Temple of the North Emperor - Closest MTR - Wanchai Exit A3, Stone Nullah Lane. I have been in HK for many years and go to Wanchai all the times. But it was not until recently that I discover this big pretty temple sitting in a quiet park in Wanchai. A quiet park in Wanchai, can you believe that? Besides, the temple, this area is also famous for the well preserved, old-post-second-world-war-buildings, known as the Green, Blue and Orange Houses.

Hiking at Wong Nai Chung Gap - the history of HK's defense against the Japanes during the WWII - Bus 6 from Central, Exchange Square. Get off at Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park. Below is the view from the site.

Mallory and Burrows Streets reborn - the renovation of a 60 years old building in between the two streets turns to a hip spot for comics lover. Also features a restaurant.

Causeway Bay

A district filled with Japanese influence. Large Japanese department stores occupied the activities of the district. It is the Mong Kok on the Island. Sogo Department Store and the Times Square are the most popular destinations for shoppers. There is countdown to New Year activity at Times Square every year.

HK Central Library - Exit B, Tin Hau MTR Station. This is the biggest public library in HK, but most of the book are not for borrowing. What the...

Namco Wonder Park Videogames Arcade - 9F Langham Place, Exit C3 or C4 Mongkok MTR (the one in Causeway Place is closed). The biggest arcade in the city. It is the official arcade of Namco Japan arcade in HK with all the biggest and newest videogames to play with. The environment is great. You can spend a whole day there.

Victoria Park - Exit B, Tin Hau MTR Station. The Central Park in HK, large scale activities to celebrate different festive moments of a year are held in this park, such as the Chinese New Year, Mid-Autum Festival, National Day of China, etc then you will be stuck by the crowd of 100,000 people. Also a place for demonstration, political discussion, and petition. The most significant activity should be the annual memorial gathering of the Tiananmen Massacre of 1989. HK is probably the only place in mainland China which can arrange this kind of gathering at this moment.

The City Forum, which is basically held every Sunday from 12:00 to 13:00, is like the Hyde Park in London, a time for the general public to give opinions on current public affairs. It is a very popular program, and you may like to pay attention to it if you will stay in HK for a long time and you can understand Chinese.

Happy Valley - see Horse Racing

Jardine's Noon Gun - Exit D1, Causeway Bay MTR. Take the subway from Excelsior Hotel. This cannon fires everyday at noon starting from early 20th century. The story begins with a British general visiting HK and Jardine's fired his cannon at the harbor and almost damaged the warship of that general. As a punishment, Jardine had to fire his cannon everyday at noon since then.

Beating Petty Person (wicked) at Canal Street - Exit B Causeway Bay MTR. On the 5th or 6th March of the Chinese calendar (sometimes in April); which is also known as the Jingzhe day; you can see a lot of nannies helping the locals by beating a paper figure with their sandals. The paper sandals symbolize the wicked people who are enemies of the particular local person; and through this ritual the wicked people will be punished and that local peorson would be saved from their harm. You may go there to see this interesting traditional at around 6 pm when it is the time the majority getting off from work.

HK Stadium. Venue for big events in HK - such as celebration of Re-unification of HK, Rugby 7 Tournament, International Soccer Tournament, etc.

Taken from a soccer game between USA and Ivory Coast.

HK Stadium


City Plaza - Exit E1, Tai Koo MTR Station. Another shopping mall, also has an ice-skating ring.

Lei King Wan - Exit A, Sai Wan Ho MTR Station. SOHO in the Island East, featuring western style Al Fresco restaurants


Ocean Park - see Ocean Park

Jumbo Floating Seafood Restaurant - see Eating section.

The Chinese Cuisine Training Institute. This Institute provides part-time short term courses for foreigners to learn about the essence of Chinese cuisine. Website: http://www.vtc.edu.hk/~ccti/Eng/index_eng.htm Address: 7/F Pokfulam Training Centre Complex, 145 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong. Take bus no. 40 or 40M from Admiralty MTR Station to Pokfulam, get off at Pokfulam Secondary School the 2nd last stop.

Cyberport - Want to see the latest advance in technology and at the same time touring around the mall of the 21st century, go to The Arcade in the Cyberport of HK Island. Take the bus no. 107P at the Cross Harbour Tunnel Bus Stop in Hung Hom to Cyberport. Or minibus 69X from Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay.

Boat Noodle - You may go to the Aberdeen Waterfront and look for an old woman selling goose noodle from her boat. Apart from an interesting experience, it is also cheap and good.

Pokfulam Waterfall - You may find it unbelievable that there is a nice little waterfall there in Aberdeen. Take bus no. 40 or 40M from outside Pacific Place mall at Admiraly, get off at the end (Wah Fu Estate Bus Terminal). Then walk along the school buildings (SKH Lui Ming Choi, and then Precious Blood Primary School) and hit Waterfall Bay Road. Turn left and go inside the Waterfall Bay Park then turn right and keep going, then you should be able to hear from water-falling sound. Go down a few steps and you will be in front of the waterfall. A dip in the nice little pond at the bottom of the waterfall is a nice way to kill the summer.

If you go South / left of the Waterfall Bay Park, you will discover a place where there are 1,000 of deities people stuck to the rocks for good wishes. You can also see Hello Kitty and Piggy among the other 1,000 gods / goddess.

Repulse Bay

Bus no. 6 from Exchange Square bus stop, exit A of Central MTR Station

Repulse Bay Hotel - Victorian style hotel, a very nice place to take pictures as well as dining.

Tin Hau Temple - next to the Repulse Bay beach, a giant Tin Hau statue monitors the sea out there and protects her subjects.


Bus no. 6 from Exchange Square bus stop , exit A of Central MTR Station

Stanley Hong Kong

Stanley Market - A very cool place to shop for souvenirs, and fake Abercrombie, Quiksilver, Polo shirts etc.; although you can buy almost everything sold there at Temple Street or Ladies' Market in Mong Kok as well. Besides shopping, you can also find some interesting restaurants and bars.

Stanley Plaza - a shopping mall next to the Stanley Main Street, but the real attraction is the Murray Building. A colonial style architecture with more than 100 years of history, now full of restaurants.

The Prison Museum - Mini bus no. 40, Tang Lung Street, exit B, Causeway Bay MTR Station. The museum of prisons in HK just next to the Stanley Prison.

The Peak

See also Hiking

Victoria Peak

The Peak Tower is just another shopping mall, the Madame Tussauds Wax Figures Gallery is worthy to visit though. More info at - http://www.thepeak.com.hk