Mui Wo - Ferry from Central Pier. A place with western bar and restaurant.

People in Mui Wo believes in the god "st. Hung", not because he was hung. Anyway there will be a St. Hung Festival every late March. It is actually not quite traditional as they have beach soccer competition, rowing competition, marathon race, mixed with Canton Opera, Lion Dance, and Flying of Lantern. They are all opened to public's participation. 

Mui Wo

Hiking from Mui Wo to Discovery Bay - a short 2 hours hike gives you a wonderful view of the city from the west and also a visit to an isolated monastery. Walk all the way to the end of the beach and follow the sign to the trail.

Tai O - ferry from Central Pier to Mui Wo, Lantau, then take the bus to Tai O; or take MTR to Tung Chung Station, then change the bus no. 11 to Tai O; or the most interesting way: also begins by going to Tung Chung Station, then take the boat from Tung Chung Pier to Tai O.

Tai O is known as the Venice of HK. It is a fisherman village built on a number of streams. The seafood and the Tofu dessert there are very famous. Last but not least, you can also take a boat ride (HK$ 20) and see if you are lucky that day to catch the Pink Dolphin in the open sea out there. Rumor has that the government is going to develop Tai O. So, go asap!

Hostel in Tai O - You may choose to stay in this private hostel The rooms range from 250 to 350 sq ft; some with private balcony.

Hotel - The old Tai O Police Station is now a 'heritage hotel'

HK Shaolin Wushu Culture Centre

Tai O

Discovery Bay - Ferry from Central Pier. Westerners resided area. A very nice environment too!

Discovery Bay

Buddha - By Cable Car from Tung Chung MTR Station, or bus no. 23.  The Po Lin Temple is a huge area of Buddhism interest. Apart from the giant Buddha, you can also find Vegetarian restaurant, Po Lin Temple, and a shopping mall there.

Disneyland HK - see Disneyland

More info about Lantau and other remote islands -

Po Toi

Go to Stanley (Central MTR, then Bus no. 6) then ferry to Po Toi from the pier outside Murray Building. Visiting Po Toi is like having a geography lesson, Po Toi contains various textures of rock which is very interesting and educational. (1 hr from Stanley)

Po Toi
The REAL Lion Rock - right next to Po Toi Po Toi Pier Some 4,000 years stone carving Looking at the end of HK. At South-East most of HK, Po Toi is an ideal place to see the sunrise
  Looking the Pacific meeting the South China Sea, at the edge of HK Shellfish Rock Alien Message Receptors allover Shek O...just kidding

Peng Chau

Pier no. 6 from Central Ferry Pier (30 mins). A small island with population of about 1,000. Not much to see, but is a nice place to swim because it attracts fewer people during the Summer. On a clear day, the view from the top spot - 5 Fingers Hill, 150 M is amazing. It is a 360'C view. You can see the ICC and IFC in the city on the East; and Disneyland and Lantau on the West.

Peng Chau

Tung Lung Chau

The biggest island within the Victoria Harbor. Famous for its fortress. Ferry from Lei Yu Mun (Yau Tong MTR Station), departs at every 2 hours from 08:30 to 16:00 daily. The beach there is nice. Imagine you are swimming in the sea with all the big buildings surrounding you. How cool is that?

Tung Lung Chau
Beach is small but nice Clear Water Bay Sai Kung is on the other side  
Tung Lung Island
The fort is said to have a thousand years of history  Tung Lung has many cliffs and caves; good for rock climbing    Lei Yue Mun Pier. Good for its seafood, but unreasonably priced 

Ma Wan

Ma Wan is famous for the view of the Tsing Ma Bridge which connects the Airport with the city center; and the Noah's Ark theme park. In fact the old Ma Wan village is the most interesting area on the island in my opinion. To go to Ma Wan, you can take a ferry from Central Pier or Tsuen Wan West MTR Pier.

On a nice sunny day, the Ma Wan beach is also a good place to swim. The beach is not big but the view from the beach (again, on a sunny clear day) is incredible. You can see the great Tsing Ma beach and HK Island while swimming in the sea. Also, the Thai, Italian and German restaurant right next to the beach are all very good places to chill after swimming. Way better than those restaurants right at the pier.

Ma Wan