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Information about all the things you can do in HK; and what HK can offer you (You may refer to the Useful Maps section for the location of some of the places mentioned here.

What's On - Major events and activities in a year
50+ Things You Must Do Before You Leave
You Are NOT a True HK International Student / Expats if You Haven't...
Fun Sites - Theme Parks, Museums, Haunted Places
Beaches / Water-activities
Horse Racing
All other Sports
Other activities
Special things you should do in specific areas of HK

50+ Things You Must Do Before You Leave (Download Word file)

Attractions -  
1. Long Ke / Feng Lau – the most beautiful beach in Hong Kong
2. Tung Ping Chau / Tap Mun Chau (Grass Island) – the un-tempted areas of HK
3. Cheung Sha, Lantau Island – the nude beach in Hong Kong
4. Cheung Chau – the cheapest but most delicious Chinese seafood you can find in HK
5. Gold Coast of HK – beach area and a place to help poor people (Crossroads International), I have been working there for a year. Be a volunteer, or sit in the simulation refugee camp to know how hard it is to earn a meal in some parts of the world. You will be refreshed afterwards!

6. Tai Mo Shan – the highest spot in HK
7. Tai O – the Venice in HK
8. Lamma Island – the little Europe in HK
9. University of HK – pay a visit to the most popular university in HK and walk all the way to the Peak from there
10. Ocean Park or Disneyland
11. Yaumatei / Sham Shui Po - the most interesting areas of HK, no skyscrapers, no foreigners, no big shopping mall. Full of old industries, local restaurants, cheap goods, the best way to know about the real old HK
12. LKF…come on
13. Lightshow in HK Victoria Harbor – the best time is from December to February with all the Christmas lightings on the skyscrapers
14. Po Toi Island – the most Southern part of HK and good for those who love Geography
15. The Buddha in Lantau
Activities -  
16. The highest Bungee Jump in the world (until 2010) - Macau Tower.
17. Make a wish in Chinese way at the wishing tree in Tai Po
18. Make a wish for Christmas at the Christmas village in Central, only in December
19. Cycling – rent a bike for less than HK$ 50 for a day in Shatin and ride it all the way to Plover Cove
20. Pink Dolphin watching – the dolphins are pink here because their skin is affected by pollution…
21. Ride on the Island’s Tram at night – cheapest way to navigate the HK Island, also a very good way to see all the Christmas decoration in HK Island especially in December
22. Hiking at the Bride’s Pool – see if there is a bride to pull your leg and make you fall from the hill…actually its the most scenic area of HK, known as the Guilin of HK

23. The girl with a plait – go to Chinese University at night and see if you will see the spirit of the girl with a plait, who was dead from jumping off a moving train with her head clipped off by the train door from her plait…Alternatively, you may visit the Boat House in Wanchai, the most well-known haunted house of HK 

24. Bird watching at Mai Po National Park
25. Meet the “Star Alligator” in the Wetland Park
26. Fighting for food with the monkeys in the Monkey Hill – Some 15 mins from Cornwall Street
27. Try bargaining in Lady’s Market
28. Just walk to a soccer pitch or basketball court randomly and ask the locals to play with you
29. Join the Tai Chi class at the Cultural Center in TST in the morning
30. Take a ride in the MTR and go through every single station in all the lines. (Or 7-Eleven, if you dare to challenge me :-P)
31. Try to speak Cantonese to a local all the way – like when you buy something or ordering your food
32. Go to see a Canton Opera
33. Have fun in Karaoke
34. Pissing at the Harbor – Go to the bathroom at Felix Bar in the Peninsula Hotel for free, where you can have a view of the harbor while you piss.
35. Go to see horse racing
36. Go to a property agency and pretend you are someone on the Forbes’ List, ask them to show you the US$ 10 millions house / apartment model house in any part of HK

37. Visit the local wet market – see how they treat the frogs, chickens, and snakes…eww
38. Bierfest at Macau Polo Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui (November), or simply do a minor 711 marathon
39. Do a boat trip and cuttlefish (squid) fishing together in Sai Kung

40. Watch the night show at Temple Street
41. Know about your future at the palm reading stall in Wong Tai Sin Temple

(Tsing Chung Temple in Tuen Mun, the biggest Daoism temple in HK; or 10,000 Buddha Temple the most interesting Buddhist temple)

41A - Take a minubus ride from Wanchai to Tuen Mun after midnight and experience the near to death passengers' experience. A normal 45 minutes ride only takes 10 minutes with the driving 'skill' of the minubus drivers here.

41B - Go to Tung Chau Park at Sham Shui Po to see the dark/poor side of HK, hundreds of people sleeping at the streets, homeless.
Dining -  
42. Chinese Hot Pot
43. Unlimited alcohol / beers – Open bars in Wanchai
44. Trying the “Cart Noodle” – you can choose as many foods as you want to eat with the noodle

45. Eat every single type of snack in the snack store / plastic bag snack store in Mong Kok (Dare to try Stinky Tofu, or Durian?)
46. Go to any one of the 2 floating restaurants in HK – Aberdeen or Shatin, and try the Drunken Shrimp.
47. Revolving Restaurant at Hopewell Center, Wanchai - eating at the one and only one revolving restaurant in HK and have the entire view of the city from 1,000 ft above. (The restaurant is closed for renovation between June and December 2014)

48. Tai Pai Dong – you think you have tried all the best Chinese cuisine here? Wait till you have been to the Tai Pai Dong (Outdoor lower class restaurant; yeah, cheap and tasty, the lower class are expert of it) in Shatin. Try the pigeon, seafood, hot pot, steak, vegetables and Chiu Chau snacks there

49. Tai Po Kau Restaurant – eating alongside a marsh and do some activities about nature
50. Mr. Wong - the cheapest all you can eat and drink Chinese buffet in the world
And the last and most important thing is…  
51. Take a picture with me and say goodbye, yay! You have completed your life-changing journey!

You Are NOT a True HK International Student / Expat if You Haven't...

I am being honest. Don't claim yourself a true local if you haven't done all these. (Please feel free to submit your contribution and I may include your idea (with credit) here!)

Realized all Chinese do not look the same
Went out to LKF / Wanchai or wherever, decided to go home before 1 am to catch the LAST MTR train; but then decide to leave at 6 am instead to catch the FIRST MTR train.
Went to the infamous / cheapest Chinese buffet in the world - Mr. Wong; and befriend of him
Went to HK Rugby 7 and get drunk
Went to Bierfest at Marco Polo Hotel and get drunk
Hiked on the Dragon's Back (seems like it is the only trail expats know about)
Have Dimsum at Tim Ho Wan (seems like the only Dimsum place the expats know about)
Went to Billy Boozer (the student bar of City University / Baptist University Hong Kong); and befriend with the owner - Mr. Poon
Done Karaoke at any time of the day
Knew how to play some HK drinking games - 15/20, Big Liar, etc.
Got a tailored-suit / dress
Said 'Ai-ya' when dealing with something unexpected; instead of OMG
Had an extra day-off because of Typhoon no. 8 or higher; or Black-storm warning
Tried to speak Cantonese / Mandarin; and is amazed or laughed by locals
Got harassed by the South Asian people (tailors or restaurant owners) in Tsim Sha Tsui
Danced and had fun in a typhoon
Been in a queue which looks 100M long
Caught a cold (hopefully not any kind of flu) or food-poisoning
Had a Hong Kong ID Card; and used it when entering or leaving HK
Went to Macau and Shenzhen from HK
Have a fight with a taxi driver
Done streaking
Broke the rule(s)
Bought pirated copies of CD / DVD
Have friends visiting from overseas but who are actually locals (were born) from HK; or
Have friends visiting from your home country; who may as well be people who have lived in HK before
It's 30'C but you still had your sweater with you
Have hotpot during the Summer
Have BBQ, again during the Summer
Eaten at any 'Tai Pai Dong'
Ran the HK Marathon
Been to all the MTR stations
Got stopped by the Police because you look suspicious
Invited to a Chinese wedding or a local family dinner at Chinese New Year (and received a red-pocket-money)
Have dated someone local (I assume you have ONE local friend at least, right?)
Watched a HK movie
Received the most annoying sales-calls in the world
Dyed your hair into a different color
Learned Cantonese or Mandarin
Joined any parade / demonstration (which happens almost every week)
Joined the Tiananmen Square Massacre annual memorial
Got a bit of local (or British, sometimes) accent
Taken picture of just anything
Played your cellphone on the MTR or any other means of transportation
Surfed in Tai Long Wan / Big Wave Bay whatever
Got 'stabbed' by some women's umbrella
Had your feet ran over by some suitcases on the streets
Had an Octopus Card (seriously?)
Been on a boat for a boat-party
Bargained - at Ladies' Market for example
Got stuck in a traffic hour? Or more
Fixed your hair or your make-up whenever you see a mirror...for hours
Been annoyed when you found out you have to wait for ONLY 3 minutes or less for the next MTR train
Worn a surgical mask
Had something with Hello Kitty or McDull on it
Worked as a tutor or model; cause every foreigner is assumed to be a tutor or model in HK
Started calling HK your home
Appreciated the convenience of HK
Complained about having no 7-ELEVEn on your block
Cared about your appearance or if the clothes you wear match with each other
Brought an umbrella because it was too sunny outside, not because it was raining
Started to think you were too fat; something which never had came to your mind at your home country before
Considered driving is actually not necessary; or you miss driving a lot
Shown a 'victory' hand sign when taking pictures of yourself
Had all the pictures of you partying or in a trip on Facebook or somewhere
Worn a traditional costume of China or of your culture for something
Taken a minibus ride after midnight - the fastest mean of transport in the world
Visited the homeless people in Sham Shui Po
Visited my Website
Been to (almost) all the 7-ELEVEns in HK ;-)

And here are some of the things said by former international students / expats (courtesy of CityU HK exchange students 2010 spring)

You are in Lorencio Mateo Schwarz's Facebook friendslist! (haha I like this one the most)
You have a ridiculous hangover on Thursday morning after getting shmammed on nasty booze at skitz!
You make all sorts of plans to go to different clubs and end up spending most of your time outside of 7-11
Almost the only time you use Cantonese is telling the taxi to take you to CityU Student Res.
You find it perfectly normal to be ripped of as a guy in every bar watching girls being treated like queens.
You're always stuck behind slow people walking up
When you have lost drunk a camera / mobile / wallet in LKF / Wanchai / TST (and a reasonable part of your dignity).
You sleep in a double room and when you're in bed and stretch your arm your hand is on your room-mate's face...
You believe jumping queues and pushing people on the MTR is normal behaviour
You skipped at least one week of classes to go travelling
It's 30°C outside but 10°C inside
You try to record the doors closing "piips" in MTR because you're bored and want to know the exact number.
You wish your hometown's subway had announcements in Cantonese...
You wake up in the street with no shoes. and maybe have a fight with a homeless guy over his box.
You imitated locals arranging their hair in the men's washroom
The hangover fb statuses on Thursday are the same every week
You have ordered McDonald's delivery on a late night
You've been in a fight with 711 staff.
You´d do every single part of it again.
And most importantly - You would give your left arm to swap lives with the students who are about to start their exchange there today!

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