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LKF / Central / SOHO Wanchai TST Others Gay / Lesbian

Please make use of the MTR maps in the Useful Maps section or online map to find the location of the places below.

Something I need to say at the beginning (mostly for students) - Drink according to your limit and be responsible and considerate! Try your best not to skip class, not to become violent, not to break any law, and not to harm yourself and the others resulting from drinking too much. Being drunk is never an excuse; and getting hangover is the worst experience ever (I have hundred of cases about my friends getting into trouble after drinking that I can share with you). Going home safe, not in regret is what you need (and what I WANT FOR YOU).

Also be smart when you see something wrong - like when people getting into fight, or dealing with drugs. Just walk away! You are coming to study or work and enjoy the experience, not to study or work in a jail. I personally hold no responsibility if any of the places mentioned here is involving in any illegal activities.

Just you may want to know, it is in fact illegal to be too drunk and passed out on the streets in HK (misbehavior in public); although it is not much enforced.

So let the party starts: Avoid having engagement which is on Wednesday evening, Thursday morning and Friday night. You will just miss everything haha!

Buying alcohol and cigarette from a service provider is legal in HK after you reach 18 (but a baby may consume alcohol or smoke cigarette). There is no "open container rule". You can drink whenever you want as long as 'drinking' is allowed at that place. So, you can drink on the streets and inside a mall (preferably not in class. Its not stylish, its dumb)

Website about clubbing in HK - - Its quite informative, but again it has made the same kind of mistake as all guides for "foreigners". Its only for big spenders. Or tourists who could afford being the boss for only a few days. It doesn't tell you about cheap places. For tourists it is fine because you won't bother go to places that people don't understand English that much. But if you are doing clubbing marathon (like those in Spain), you would be bored after a few weeks if everywhere is just the same.

Budget of going out a night in HK:

Cheap meal (McDonald, lower class restaurant, Chinese noodles, etc.) : 40 HK
Drink : 100 HK in most of the clubs. 50 in small / cheap clubs or during promotion
Entrance : 90% no entrance. Those with entrance usually provide with 2 drinks or unlimited drinks
Cab to go home (trust me, you need it) : 30 HK if you are not alone
So it would be 300 HK if you stick to 1 to 2 places only.

One thing you may need to know - You can drink on the streets, in malls or even in school, but u can't drink on the MTR and the buses even if it is water. Perhaps, you may not get caught all the times, but it is illegal.

A typical week of party in HK:

MONDAY - Bill Boozer in Kowloon Tong: HK$ 100 for all you can drink, don't even ask if there is another plan.
TUESDAY - Zaza or any other place in TST: Free entry for guys who go with 2 girls; not to mention Wanchai and LKF are dead on Tuesday.
WEDNESDAY - Wanchai: Ladies' Night
THURSDAY - LKF: Ladies' Night
FRIDAY - LKF again. Wait maybe I was just waking up there on a random sidewalk after Thursday-party. Well it's 6pm anyway so here I am again.
SATURDAY - Just anywhere you want
SUNDAY - Maybe Prince Edward? Somewhere closer, I mean I need to work / go to school the next day...

LKF / Central / SOHO - Lan Kwai Fong (Thanks Claudia Law for her contribution in this part)

Lan Kwai Fong - Exit D2, Central MTR Station, walkthrough Theatre Lane to the direction of the Entertainment Building - then cross the Queen's Road Central to D'Aguilar Street on the opposite side of the road and there you are.

LKF is the bar and disco area where almost every foreigners in HK enjoy there nightlife every night. In big times such as, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Halloween, etc., the area is crowded with both local and foreign people. You can forget about your identity of daytime, and be free to be whatever you want there. More info about the area - or

Lan Kwai Fong

LUX - Fee entrance and music non-stop until 4 am. Pretty cool place. (now the California Tower filled with expensive clubs and bars)

La Bodega - 42 D'Aguilar Street. Nice Mojitos, free for girls on Thursday.

Club 97 - I am sure many of u will go there because it’s the only club in LKF that doesn’t charge guys but they don’t play good music, only hip hop music! Always packed with people for some reason. Free Grand Marnier Cosmopolitans every Thur for ladies. (closed in 2017, ironic)

Insomnia - No covers and they have different live bands every night. The only problem is there’re always a shit load of old expats in there. They do have a dance floor, but it’s definitely the smallest one you have ever seen in your life. Another bar with live music

Oyster Bar - A must hang-out place for starting a night out. HK$ 30 for a Long Island Ice Tea, I bet it’s the cheapest in town. People usually get a couple shots there before drinking in LKF.

The Carvern - Same as insomnia, they have live bands performing. It’s much bigger than Insomnia and has alfresco area, though personally I think the bands at Insomnia are better. No cover, all you need is to buy a drink to get in.

Club no.9 - Ladies nights on Thursdays and Saturdays (u heard it right, Saturdays). Open bar on Fridays, from 11 pm to 1 am. HK$ 120 for both boys and girls. A nice club which has a huge dance floor. Used to have a strict door policy but not anymore.

Beijing Club - 2F, Wellington Place, 2 Wellington Street. Hot talk of the town because they have 3 floors. Good music, quite expensive though. Cover: HK$ 300 on weekends. Can go take a look but it’s not worth going every weekend. Ladies night every Tue to Sat.

Hyde - 2F Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace. Ladies' Night Thursday, Buy 1 get 1 free daily from 6 to 9 pm.

Volar - B/F, 38 - 44 D'Aguilar Street.

Muse - Block A, Winner Building, 27 D'Aguilar Street. Nice music with DJ sometimes.

Likuid - 58 D'Aguilar Street. With over 50 kinds of whisky for you to try; also a club with cool lighting.

FLY - 24 Ice House Street, Shun Ho Tower, Central (Near Fringe Club). Good music and drinks

KEE - 6F, 32 Wellington Street (Near Yung Kee Roast Goose Restaurant). A new, hip club with a secret entrance. The open area is the signature of the club.

MAGNUM - 3F, 1 Wellington Street (On to of Standard Chartered Bank). Claimed to be the biggest club in HK in 2012; featuring two spacious balconies and crystal toilet seats.

Rooftop bar:

FRINGE CLUB 2F, Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Road. Nice and chill place.

52 LOUNGE - 3F Somptueux Central, 52 Wellington Street. Champagne and cocktail are the best there.

ALHAMBRA - 4F Ho Lee Commercial Building, 38 D'Aguilar Street. Smoking shisha on the terrace is what it is offering.

Tazmania Ballroom - 1F LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street. A beer garden with a large open space.

La Perouse - 2F at the corner of Wyndham and Pottinger Street. It is not high up but the view of the old colonial streets from the terrace is very poetic.

SEVVA - 25th Floor, Prince Building, Exit K, Central MTR (opposite side of HSBC Tower)

SEVVA is an expensive place for dining and drink, however, it has a terrace area where you can look over the harbor and be embraced by all the bank towers in Central. If you go after 10 pm when dinner is no longer served, you can simply go there and chill out, no coverage charge or minimum charge for you if you are just standing on the terrace. Its a nice place to talk about stuffs with your friends. If you decide to sit down with your friends, the best deal is beer on tap - HK$ 70 per pint. (Guys are not allowed to wear shorts)

Other clubs with amazing views are the AZURE on 29F Lau Kwai Fong Tower; and Club Pi on 28F, 8 Wyndham Street


The area from Lan Kwai Fong to the West until Sheung Wan is know as the SOHO district of HK (includes Wellington Street, Stanley Street and Hollywood Street). It is an area of international cuisines and bars. They are pricy but worthy to try.

Dragon-I - UG/F, The Centrium, 60 Wyndham Street, Central.

From 23:30, a club where local and 'non-local' celebrities like to have fun, also means the most expensive one. You don’t have to pay if u know the bouncers there. Extremely strict door policy. Covers vary, depends on occasions . Weekdays: HK$ 100 without any drinks. Weekends: depends .can sometimes be HK$ 500.

*Dragon-I also offers all you can eat dim sum lunch on every weekdays for HK$ 150

Sahara Mezz Bar - G/F, 2 Elgin Street, SOHO, Central. A chill Middle East themed bar (also a restaurant) offered the smoking of Sheesha. I wonder why it is legal in HK. Staff are nice and the food is cheap.

See Eating section for recommendation of restaurants in SOHO.

Wanchai (includes Causeway Bay)

Lockhart Road bar street - Exit C from Wanchai MTR Station. Lockhart Road is a street loaded with bars and discos. You will need more than 1 month if you want to visit every single one of them. The 'shame' about the area is that prostitutes are every where. Yet it explains why it attracts the navy more than LKF whenever they visit the HK harbor.

Here are some cool places in Lockhart Road bar street:

FENWICK - L/G 41 Lockhart Road, at the corner between Fenwick Street and Lockhart Road. Another club but very well known of its situation that customer is out-numbered by the prostitute there. It opens 24 hours.

DUST TIL DAWN - 6 - 84 Jaffe Road, near Fenwick Street. A nice place to chill out.

KANGAROOS - Basement, 54 - 62 Lockhart Road, near Fenwick Street. Australian themed bar.

Devil's Advocate - 42 - 50 Lockhart Road, near Fenwick Street, next to Kangaroos. This bar offer cheap drinks on every Wednesday: the deal is, you have to pay by a $20 bill issued by Standard Chartered Bank and you can enjoy a drink for $20.

TYPHOON - G/F 37 - 39 Lockhart Road. Typhoon also has ladies' night on Wednesday. It is less crowded than Mes Amis which makes it a better place to chill out. The open area just outside the bar also contributes to its popularity. (Closed in 2017)

BOTTOMS UP - 1/F 37 - 39 Lockhart Road. his club is crazy. It has semi-naked dressed 'old' Filipino women as waitresses. Kinda hilarious actually. $ 60 for entry with only 1 drink.

WHITE STAG - G/F 54 - 62 Lockhart Road. The special thing about this little subtle bar is its offering of free vodka drink for men on every Tuesday from 22:00 to 23:00.

MES AMIS - 83, Lockhart Road. I don't like Mes Amis because it is so crowded on Wednesday ladies' night, but they do have good music. (Closed in 2017)

109 - 109, Lockhart Road. Another place to try Shisha.

GALAXY - 48, Hennessey Road, Wanchai. A club full of ladyboys and philippin(a)s. What makes it cool is the happy hour there, 6 to 10pm every night (HK$ 20 for any kind of alcohol), probably the longest one in HK.

Carnegies - 69 Lockhart Road. Free flow of champagne for girls every Wed night. (Closed in 2017)

Some of the bars here are restaurants in the afternoon. They offer lunch at reasonable price.

Wanchai is indeed the red light district of HK, the scene is really scratchy however. You pay HK$ 100 - 150 for a CHEAP drink but get nothing in need to pay extra more for a strip dance or something. I have been there, so I know...(blushing)

Assaggio (Rooftop bar) - 6F HK Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road (across the street from Convention and Exhibition Centre / Grand Hyatt Hotel). It is a nice Italian restaurant as well as a good place to chill because they have an outdoor drinking terrace with view of Kowloon. Their signature cocktails starting from HK$ 70 are of high standard. This is still a hidden treasure so easy to get a table and more peaceful than other rooftop bars in HK. Please be reminded their dinner time starts at 17:30 and either you have to order food to continue to stay or you have to leave from the bar.

(View of Kowloon from the outdoor drinking area)

Wooloomooloo at 256 Hennessey Road, The Hennessey, Wanchai (Exit A4)

Penthouses Skylounge, 29F, 200 Gloucester Road, Wanchai -

Business district near Wanchai Ferry Pier. The business district near the Wanchai Star Ferry Pier has a bunch of outdoor-seating bars and restaurants. Among them, the Trafalgar offers free Shisha happy hour every Tuesday evening.

Causeway Bay - there a few bars + karaoke (open mic) at Tang Lung Street, Exit A1 Causeway Bay MTR. They are all on the upper floors of some hi-rise buildings so you may get a nice harbor view from some of them.

HOORAY - P502 World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road Causeway Bay, Exit D1 Causeway Bay MTR. Fancy outdoor terrace with decent view of the Harbour, no wonder most people are going for drinks only. However, it is an Italian restaurant so you can't go wrong with that.

Harbour Grand HK, 23 Oil Street, Exit A Fortress Hill MTR - Nice place for lunch or a drink.

Inside Out - Members only inside the South China Athletic Association, Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay; but entry fees is only HK$ 100. A nice outdoor restaurant you will think your HK$ 100 is well spent.

Tsim Sha Tsui - TST

Knutsford Terrace - The SOHO in TST. From exit B1 of TST MTR Station, head North in Nathan Road to Kimberly Road (opposite direction to the harbor), turn to Kimberly Road, keep walking until you see a staircase on your left, walk up the stairs and you will be there. The All Night Long is one with live music.

Observatory Road bar district - from exit B1 of TST MTR Station, head North in Nathan Road to Kimberly Road (opposite direction to the harbor), turn to Kimberly Road and keep walking until you find Observatory Road. Or, exit to HK Museum of History from Hung Hom Station.

Ashley Road bar street - Exit C1, TST MTR Station, walk into Peking Road, keep straight, and you will see Ashley Road after 2 blocks

Minden Avenue - a small street with bars and restaurants. 5 mins from exit G, TST MTR Station, keep walking in Mody Road until you see Minden Row, turn right to Minden Row and then left to Minden Avenue. Or Exit K, TSTE Station.

WHY CLUB - Minden Avenue. Trying to be the hippest in Kowloon side, Why Club has ladies night as well and expensive drinks for guys. Like other places, you gotta be there at least once.

Hart Avenue and Prat Avenue - Another bar district in TST. 10 mins from exit G, TST MTR Station, keep walking in Mody Road until you see Hart Avenue.

UFO - 11 Hart Avenue. UFO stands for University Friend Organization. So if you go with your student card, you can enjoy 10% discount.

PATIO (Rooftop bar) - 4/F, Ocean Centre, near Star Ferry. Not exactly a bar but is an open area like IFC with fancy restaurants but also huge public space for amazing harbor view. No need to remind you to pay a visit to 7-ELEVEn before heading there if you are going to spend hundreds in the bars there? :-)

HABIBI (Rooftop bar) - 19F, The One, 100 Nathan Road, Exit B2 TST Station. A bar with an amazing view of HK Island; but the service is not so good. Suggest to go during its happy hours: 17:00 to 20:00 when drinks are cheap and you can see the view changing from daytime to nighttime.

Eyebar at 28F, ISquare - either Exit H or R, TST Station

OZONE - 118F, ICC, Exit C Kowloon Station / Exit B5 Austin Station. If you are really into harbor view of HK, Ozone should be a better choice than the Cocky Bar. Drinks and service are way better. The downside is, drinks are more expensive and guys must wear pants / jeans and shoes to be there.


Kowloon Tong

There are some bars near the 'New' campus of the Baptist University, 20 mins from Mount Beacon - walk to the East / Baptist University direction of Cornwall Street until you reach Waterloo Road, cross to the other side then turn right, after you passed Baptist Hospital, you will be in front of a crossroad. From there turn left to Junction Road without crossing any road, keep walking straight until you see Franki Centre, and there you are. They are the Billy Boozer and The Knights.

They are quiet bars with electronic dart boards. The snacks there are cheap and yummy. Last time when I was there, they had a promotion with HK$ 100 you could drink as much beer as you want. I am not sure if they are still doing that. The beer rocket on the right costs HK$ 168.

Actually it was a tradition for the foreign students around visiting that bar every week. And as very loyal customers, we have our names shown at the bar since 2009. It has become a place for 'pilgrims' since then.

Thing you may want to know - Billy Boozer may also be the only bar which will still remain open during a strong typhoon - gale 8 or above; and they play sports programs on TV, such as Champions' League, Worldcup, Euro Cup, etc. ;-)

Prince Edward

Prince Edward is the bar district closest to Kowloon Tong. You can get there by taking the MTR red line to Prince Edward Station (direction to Yau Ma Tei), or just by taxi for less than HK$30. It is exit A by MTR. The bars are located at Tung Choi Street and Fa Yuen Street.

If you are tired of partying with all foreigners again and again; and if immerse to the local culture is one of your goals you wrote down before you left home, Prince Edward is your place to be.

Playing the Chinese drinking game which I really don't find it interesting. It takes too long to take a sip.

These places are where local people hanging out, but foreigners are also welcome.

MONG KOK - Peace Avenue and Victory Avenue bar streets. Exit for Argyle Street direction from Mong Kok East Station. And at Argyle Street, turn left to Peace Avenue and Victory Avenue.

SHATIN - Tai Wai bar district, exit to Tai Wai town from Tai Wai Station

SAI KUNG - Sai Kung Town. MTR green line to Choi Hung Station (Tiu Keng Leng direction), get off from Exit C1 and take the mini bus no. 1 to Sai Kung. Or, get off at Shatin Station, from there take the bus no. 299 to Sai Kung. Probably the only bar area crowded with foreigners in the New Territories.

STANLEY Street - The Stanley Street in Stanley is a bar street in the area, its so British. Bus no. 6 / 6A / 6X / 260 from Exchange Square bus stop , exit A of Central MTR Station.

LAMMA Island - It would be nice to hang out with the 'local-foreigners' in the bars there if you have rent a lodge in Lamma Island to escape from the city for a day or 2. Ferry from the Central Pier no. 4 - Exit A and followed by 10 mins walk from Central MTR Station.

MUI WO - Another place for hanging out with 'local-foreigners'. Ferry from the Central Pier no. 6 - Exit A and followed by 10 mins walk from Central MTR Station.

Sugar, TAIKOO (Roof top bar) - 32/F, East Hotel, 10 feet outside Exit D1, Taikoo MTR. Tel - 39683738. Bar with spacious outdoor lookout for excellent view of the Harbour. Drinks are about HK$ 100 for one which is not too bad. You may think it is so far away from the main party scene (LKF) but it is good to try something different sometimes. (Sorry for my shitty camera, but you can see that the view is amazing)<

Gay and Lesbian Friendly

CLUB 97 - LKF, daily happy hour from 3 to 9 pm. Friday night is the gay night. (Closed in 2017)

Propaganda - LG/F 1 Hollywood Road. Tue to Thu 10 pm to 1:30 am. A true homosexual club. (closed in 2016)

Psychic Jack - 2F, Wyndham Mansion, 31 Wyndham Street (near to Fringe Club). This new gay and straight friendly bar has both private couches and lookout long tables. HK$ 80 for entry with one drink + one free entry to Propaganda gay club (above)

ZOO - 33 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan (Exit A2). Every day 7 to 9 pm. Its a both gay and straight friendly place.

VOLUME - 54 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan (Exit A2). Every Wed night free vodka for guys.

KOLOURS - B/F 16 Arbuthnot Road, Central. A new gay-friendly bar with a relaxing setting.

Chemical Suzy - G/F AWT Centre, Austin Avenue, TST (Exit D, Jordan MTR). A new place for special people every Thursday night on the Kowloon side.

HX Production - Not a gay bar but a website for gay event organizer in bars in HK, location changes every time.

PLEE - Intersection of Peel Street and Hollywood Road, SOHO. A small gay-friendly bar with techno music.

WILDFIRE - Fashion Walk, Gloucester Road, Exit E, Causeway Bay. Wildfire is actually a (not very good) western restaurant and not at all a gay bar. However, it is one of the few places in HK that offer guys' night every Tuesday from 8pm.

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