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In this section, you can find information about activities of:

Fun sites - Theme Parks, Museums, Haunted Places
Horse Racing
All other sports
All other activities

Theme Parks and Museums and Haunted Places

Ocean Park is the largest aquatic theme park in South East Asia. It has been opened for more than 30 years and always attract more visitors than the Disneyland in HK. The main attractions in O.P. are the cable car ride, some screaming rides, the aquariums of jellyfish, sharks, whales, dolphins, corals, and panda habitat. There will be water park and hotel opened in 2018 or so.

To get there, you may take the MTR to Oceanpark Station.

Admission fee is about HK$ 438 (HK$ 350 more for a fast track pass) and the opening hour is 10:00 to 18:00. Free admission if you are going on your birthday with a HKID card.

More info at the company's website -


Because Ocean Park is so successful that it attracts huge influx of visitors every day, especially those from mainland China. If you want to enjoy the most of your time during your visit, you may consider doing it on weekdays only. Same for Disneyland.

Mickey Mouse has comes to HK for a few years already but not quite successful. No one knows what is on the mind of the board of directors. They make the theme park so small that if you are not a big fans of attractions and rides, you can just walk through the whole park in 60 mins (I have tried that indeed). However, the cause of death is in fact the expensive admission fee. It is about HK$ 589 for an adult ticket which is more expensive than the amazing Ocean Park.

So, if you are not Mickaholic, you may just visit the Disneyland once. You can go to the Disneyland in Lantau by taking the MTR to the Disneyland Station.

The website of HK Disneyland is -

By the way, the buffet dinner at the Disneyland Hotel is pretty good. It is about HK$ 518 - 758 per person, a little expensive though.

List of Museums in HK

Sam Tung Uk Museum - 2 Kwu Uk Land, Tsuen Wan (MTR)
Sheung Yiu Folk Museum - Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail, Sai Kung - Bus 299 or 96R from Sai Kung
Central Conservation Section - 2F HK Museum of History - Hung Hom MTR
Antiquities and Monuments Office - Kowloon Park, Exit A TST MTR
Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum - 41 Tonkin Street, Cheung Sha Wan MTR. A tomb with over 2,000 years of history
Ping Shan Tang Clan Gallery - Hang Tau Tsuen, Ping Shan, Kam Sheung Road MTR
HK Space Museum - Exit L6, TST MTR
HK Heritage Museum - Tai Wai MTR. Probably the best museum in HK
HK Heritage Discovery Centre - Kowloon Park, Exit A TST MTR
HK Science Museum - 2 Science Museum Road, Hung Hum MTR
HK Museum of Coastal Defence - 175 Tung Hei Road, Shau Kei Wan MTR
K Film Archive - 50 Lei King Road, Sai Wan Ho MTR
HK Museum of History - Hung Hom MTR
HK Museum of Art - Exit L6, TST MTR
HK Railway Museum - Tai Po Market MTR
Dr. Sun Yat Sen Museum - 7 Castle Road, Central MTR -> Mid-levels Escalator
Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware - HK Park, Admiralty MTR
Fireboat Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery - Quarry Bay Park, Quarry Bay MTR
Law Uk Folk Museum - 14 Kut Shing Street, Chai Wan MTR
Art Promotion Office - HK Visual Arts Centre, 7A Kennedy Road, Central MTR
Museum of Ethnology - 2 Hung Lam Drive, Tai Po MTR
Tung Wah Museum - Kwong Wah Hospital, Yau Ma Tei MTR
Po Leung Kuk Museum - 66 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay MTR
University Museum and Art Gallery - University of HK
Stephen Hui Geological Museum - University of HK
Art Museum - Chinese University of HK, University MTR
Dr. and Mrs. Hung Museum of Chinese Medicine - Baptist University, Lok Fu MTR
HK Maritime Museum - Central Pier, Central
HK Museum of Education - HK Institute of Education, Tai Po MTR
HK Planning and Infrastructure Exhibition Gallery - G/F Murray Road, Exit J Central MTR
The HK Racing Museum - Happy Valley, Exit A, Causeway Bay MTR
HK Museum of Medical Sciences - 2 Caine Lane, Sheung Wan MTR
HK Correctional Services Museum - Stanley
Lions Nature Education Centre - Tsiu Hang, Sai Kung, Bus 299 from Sai Kung
Tao Heung Museum of Food Culture - 9F Wo Shui Street, Fo Tan MTR
Police Museum - 27 Coombe Road, The Peak
The HK Jockey Club Drug Info Centre - Queensway Government Offices, Admiralty MTR
Tiananmen Square Massacre Museum - 8F, 618 Nathan Road, Exit E2, Mongkok MTR


Chaiwan - Tsui Wan Street, 28987560
HK Park - 19 Cotton Tree Drive, Admiralty, 25215041
HK Zoological and Botanical Gardens - Albany Road, Central, 25300154
Jordan Valley Park - 71 New Clear Water Bay Road, 23422241
Kowloon Park - 22 Austin Road, 27243344
Kowloon Tsai Park - 13 Inverness Road, 23367878
Kowloon Walled City Park - Tung Tsing Road, 27169962
Lei Yue Mun Park - Chaiwan Road, 25687455
Ma on Shan Park - 12 On Chun Street, 26435320
North District Park - Jockey Club Road, 26706155
Quarry Bay Park - Tai Koo Shing, 25138499
Shatin Park - 2 Yuen Wo Road, 26959253
Shing Mun Valley Park - Shing Mun Road, 24139665
Tai Po Waterfront Park - Dai Fat Street, 26642107
Tin Shui Wai Park - 6 Tin Shui Road, 24455805
Tsing Yi Park - 60 Tsing King Road, 24350533
Tsuen Wan Park - 59 Wing Shun Street, 24089592
Tuen Mun Park - Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, 24511144
Tung Chung North Park - 29 Man Tung Road, 21093423
Victoria Park - Causeway Road, 28905824
Yuen Long Park - Town Park Road North, 24736511


Catholic -

St. Stephen's Chapel - Stanley, 28130408
Emmanuel Church - 139 Pokfulam Road, 25234157
Discovery Bay Church - SKH Wei Lun Primary School, 29874210
Christ Church, 132 Waterloo Road, 23360848
Resurrection Church, Pak Sha Wan Centre, 23580202
Shatin Anglican Church - SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School, 26949928
St. Andrew Church - 138 Nathan Road, 23671478
St. Peter's Church - Mariners' Club, 11 Middle Road, 23688261

Aglipayan Church - St. John's Cathedral, Garden Road, Central, 25234157

Kowloon Union Church - 4 Jordan Road, 23672585

Union Church - 22A Kennedy Road, 25237247

Methodist Church - 271 Queen's Road East, 25757817

Hindu Temple - 1B Wong Nei Chung Road, Happy Valley, 25725284

Ammar Mosque - 40 Oi Kwan Road, Wanchai, 25752218
Cape-Collinson Mosque - Chaiwan, 25565507
Jamia Mosque - 30 Shelley Street, Central, 25237743
Yuen Long Mosque - Chuk Bun Building, 1 Tat Fai Path, 31934143
Kowloon Mosque - 105 Nathan Road, TST, 27240095

Haunted Places

Kwong Fuk Tsz - 40 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan MTR

Sai Ying Pun Community Complex - 2 High Street, Sheung Wan MTR. A prisoner used by Japanese during the WWII

Nam Koo Terrace - 55 Ship Street, via Queens Road East, Admiralty MTR. This one is really scary...

Chinese University Trail (The girl with plaits) - University MTR. Rumor has that the girl was illegal immigrant from China and trying to get to HK by sneaking on the through train from China to HK. When the train passed University Station, the girl was so scared of being caught and jumped off the train. Unfortunately, her plaits were stuck in the train window and her head was torn away from her body. Since then, students sometimes see a girl at night in red dress in the campus without a face; asking people where her head is or if she is in HK already

Bride's Pool - Tai Mei Tuk, Tai Po MTR. The Bride's Pool is actually a pool formed by the waterfall (Bride's Waterfall). Legend has that there was a bride who was seating on a sedan on her way to her wedding in the mountain. When they passed through a bridge over the pool, the weather suddenly turned bad and there was strong wind and rain. The guys carrying the bride lost their balance so the sedan fell into the pool with the bride and she was drowned. Now at night, whenever there is a young man walking on the bridge there, he would hear a voice of a young girl asking if he would marry her. If he responses, the Bride would grab his legs and drag him into the pool to death.


HK is known as a concrete forest, roads are all the times busy, and the city is overcrowded. Despite of this, HK has a very efficient and impressive cycling path in the New Territories. Starts from Shatin, biker can ride to almost every part of the New Territories just with their bikes, and the surrounding scenes are spectacular! If you have a permit for your bike, you can even go all the way to mainland China.

A very useful website maintained by the HK Government launched in 2011 contains all the information about the current condition and maps of all cycling paths of HK -

Bike Hong Kong Cycling Hong Kong

You can rent a bike for the whole day (10:00 - 19:00) outside Exit A, Tai Wai MTR for ~ US 10. The direction of the cycling path may not be very clear, so please bring a little map with you, and remember this sign:

Bicycle Hong Kong

And here is a simple map giving you a general idea of what you can do from riding on your bike in the New Territories. To spend a day cycling, you may choose from:

1. Shatin to Tai Mei Tuk
2. Shatin to Sai Kung
3. Yuen Long to Tsuen Wan
4. Tung Chung to the Airport

Horse Racing (Gambling)

Horse racing is one of the few legal gambling activities in HK. I don't like gambling, but going to the horse racecourse and see the horse racing really close is so exciting indeed! Besides, there are many more to see in the racecourse. And if you go to the Happy Valley Racecourse, you may also visit the HK Racing Museum.

The entrance fee to see horse racing is HK$ 10 (free during the last opening hour). You can just watch it without making any bet. You can find information like race card from South China Morning Post in advance.

There are 2 racecourses in HK, one in the Happy Valley in Causeway Bay, Island; and the other one in Shatin, New Territories. Usually horse racing held at Happy Valley on Wednesday night, while at Shatin on Saturday or Sunday afternoon; from September to June. Special racing days like free entry day for lady, are usually on the weekends, which means at Shatin. Yet on the other hand, it may be a good idea to go to see horse racing in Happy Valley on a Wednesday night because it looks more like a party.

Happy ValleyGoing to Happy Valley can be done by getting off at Causeway Bay Station. Exit at exit A and follow the sign to Happy Valley.

Going to Shatin Racecourse is much easier. Just take the East Rail Line and get off at Racecourse Station. You may need to know that not every train goes to the Racecourse Station. You can ask the customer service center before you go, or pay attention to the digital information display. Otherwise, you can get off at Fo Tan Station by taking any train comes by. You just need to walk 5 to 10 more minutes after get off.

Website of the HK Jockey Club -

You can also enjoy an all you can eat buffet meal with free flow of alcohol for 5 hours at the VIP tables indoor at any of the tracks by making a reservation (at least one week in advance) for about HK$ 600. You are far away from seeing the horses actually; but you have your own private betting room shared with other VIPs.

If you are tired of going out to place your bet, you can open an online betting account or phone betting account with the Jockey Club. Please go the their website for more detail.

Gambling Ship

So you may know that betting with Jockey Club is the only legal gambling activity in HK (except for playing Mahjong in designated Mahjong playhouse). If you want to do something with other than horses, soccer ball and lottery, you may get on board the gambling cruise which departs every day at 6 pm from Tsim Sha Tsui public pier.

You need to bring your PASSPORT because the cruise will set sail outside the sea border of HK, which will make gambling on board legal.

The entrance fee is around HK$ 400 - but it includes 24 hours all you can eat dining in the restaurant, plus HK$ 400 gambling coupon. So basically, you are going for free if you are not gambling, or if you don't lose more than HK$ 400.

Only that, the ship will not return to Tsim Sha Tsui until noon the next day, so you will be on board with nothing else for about a day.

Just go to the Pier and look for some middle age women handing out pamphlet of Neptune / Poseidon / Jimei cruises something like that at around 5 pm.

All other Sports and Activities

   Archery       Art  Basketball     Bowling Climbing Cricket Dancing Drama Fencing Fishing
     Flying   Football 
   Frisbee     Golf Hashing    Hiking Hockey Horse Riding Ice Hockey Ice Skating
  Kombat Mountain Biking / Kart     Parkour    Rugby Skate-boarding Skiing and Snow-boarding Softball Triathlon Pilates Yoga

For public recreation facilities information and location, please check the government website -

  • Hong Kong Island Archery Club - 98010830, Pokfulam
  • Tuen Mun Recreation and Sports Centre - 24662600 Tuen Mun
Art Basketball Bowling
  • Belair Bowling Centre - 26499022, Exit C, Shatin Wai MTR Station, 10 mins walk to Belair Gardens
  • Dragon Bowling - 21161536, Amoy Plaza, Kowloon Bay MTR Station
  • Mei Foo Super Fun Bowl - 27425911, Mei Foo MTR, 95C Broadway, Mei Foo Sun Chuen
  • Olympian Super Fun Bowl - 22734773, Olympic MTR Station, The Olympics
Climbing Cricket Dancing Drama Fencing Fishing Flying
  • HK Aviation Club - 27135171,
  • Paragliding - HK has a lot of hills so it is a good place to do paragliding. you can do it on your own if you know how -; or you can have someone to carry you all the way if you don't know anything but really like to fly - Just remember safety first.
  • Helicopter ride - is not a mean of public transport in HK, but it is a public ride for seeing HK above the air. Enquiry at 28020200 or 25738888. Starting price is HK$ 4750 per chopper for 30 mins. If you could not see HK from the air when you come from the plane, you may try it and see how a sea of skyscrapers looks like from above.
Football (Soccer) Frisbee Golf
  • Asia Golf - 23613972, Cheung Sha Wan
  • Tuen Mun Golf Centre - 24662600, Tuen Mun
  • Waterfall Golf Driving Range and Gym - 28755380, Olympic MTR
Hashing Hiking Hockey Horse Riding Ice Hockey
  • Ice Hockey League - 25219922, Central
Ice Skating Kombat Mountain Biking / Go Kart / BMX
  • Mountain Bike - Asia Pacific Adventure, 27927146, Wanchai
  • Go-Kart - Tuen Mun Diamond Coast 22, Sheung Tan Village, Lung Kwu Tan, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, 2613 8822. Go kart can be dangerous. Please follow all the safety instructions.
  • ATV Club - MX Club, 26680948, Sheung Shui. At Sheung Shui MTR, take minibus 57K. You can also do wargame and BBQ at the site.
  • BMX Park - HK Jockey Club BMX Park - 24199613, Kwai Fong - From Kwai Fong MTR, take minibus 404M to the park.
  • Cycling Racing Track - Po Kong Village Road Park - 23206140, Po Kong Village Road, Diamond Hill (Exit A1). The first cycling racing track (1 Km) in HK.
Parkour Rugby Clubs Skateboarding
  • YMCA King's Park Centenary Centre - 27826682, Jordan
  • Skate Park - Lai Chi Kok Park, Mei Foo MTR. It is the 'biggest' skate park of HK by far designed for skateboarding, inline skating, roller skating and bike riding
Skiing and Snowboarding in HK? No kidding. Softball Triathlon Pilates Yoga

Karaoke is the most popular entertainment among the youngsters in East Asia. It was first developed in Japan. Karaoke is in fact a Japanese word with the meaning of a mechanic orchestra. Karaoke centers are every where in HK. Every group of customers is allocated into different private boxes (room) equipped with computerized karaoke song selection machine. So, no one would need to be shy anymore in front of their own friends to show their talent.

Karaoke is not expensive if you are not drinking any beers or alcohol. The average expenditure is about HK$ 100 per person for 3 hours, served with meal and drinks. If you go during lunch period, you may need to spend HK$ 50 only.

You can find a lot of Karaoke centers at Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Causeway Bay. Neway is the biggest company. It has a huge selection of English songs, yet not very recent titles. Neway can be found at Sai Yeung Choi Street South in Mong Kok (Exit E2 from Mong Kok MTR Station), for example.

If you want to throw a big party, like for 100 people, you can go to YO Karaoke at Basement, Treasure Island, Whampoa Garden Shopping Mall. It provides all you can eat food and drink (non-alcoholic). And you and your friends can stay together in a 3,000 sq ft room. It costs HK$ 150 each

Notes: In the view of the locals, it is considered very rude to stop (the machine) anyone from singing in the middle of a song; whether by accident or on purpose.


It is about HK$ 90 to watch a movie in HK. HK is a center for Chinese movies, which is getting more and more attention in international film industry. It is easy to meet HK movie stars in HK because they attend public events often. You can ask a local friend to check a local newspaper for you where you can find a daily schedule of some pop stars in HK.

Most UK and US movies are showing in HK as well. Usually within 1 month after the title has been shown in UK or US. And don't worry, they don't do dubbing here.

Information about show time: AMC Cinemas - ; UA Cinemas - ; and Broadway Cinemas -

War-game (CQB - Closed Quarter Battle)

You can play war-game with your friends in HK, Yes, you must have your friends with you, there is no one waiting for you and play with you at the sites.

There are 2 kinds of war-game you can play in HK - Paintball (Indoor) and Air gun (Outdoor). To play outdoor war-game, you must prepare your own equipment. They can be brought at the military collectibles street at Mong Kok - Kwong Wah Street, Exit A2 from Yau Ma Tai MTR Station. They can be costly. Consequently, Indoor paintball game would probably be the option for visitors. Equipment is supplied to customers for a small admission fee.

There is one indoor war-game site in Kowloon Bay, Kowloon. They offer party package with food and beverage provided. More information can be found in the company website -

Indoor Escape

Amaze60 - Room 508 Winful Centre, 30 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, 34603282
Mr. Escape - 3F Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok, 29858085
Freeing HK - 3F Kundamal House, 4 Prat Avenue, TST, 23671321
HKEscape - 17F Golden Hill Commercial Building, 39 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, 23960138
Lost HK - Lost Building, 15 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, 28922393

District Leisure Services Offices - for booking of public sports facilities and sports activities

Central and Western - 10F Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, 345 Queen's Road Central, 28532566
Eastern - 3F Quarry Bay Municipal Services Building, 38 Quarry Bay Street, 25642264
Kowloon City - 10F To Kwan Wan Government Offices Building, 165 Ma Tau Wai Road, 37110541
Kwun Tong - 2 Tsui Ping Road, 23436123
Sham Shui Po - 7F Un Chau Street Municipal Services Building, 59 Un Chau Street, 23860945
Southern - 4F Aberdeen Municipal Services Building, 203 Aberdeen Main Road, 25551268
Wanchai - 9F Lockhart Road Municipal Services Building, 255 Hennessy Road, 28795622
Wong Tai Sin - 4F Ngau Chi Wan Municipal Services Building, 11 Clear Water Bay Road, 23289262
Yau Tsim Mong - 1F Kowloon Park Management Office, 22 Austin Road, 23021762
Islands - 6F Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central, 28523220
Kwai Tsing - 8F Kwai Hing Government Offices Building, 166 Hing Fong Road, 24247201
North - 4F Shek Wu Hui Municipal Services Building, 13 Chi Cheong Road, 26792819
Sai Kung - 9F Sai Kung Tseung Kwan O Government Complex, 38 Pui Shing Road, 27913100
Shatin - 12F Tower 1, Grand Central Plaza, 138 Shatin Rural Committee Road,26340111
Tai Po - 3F Tai Po Complex, 8 Heugn Sze Wui Street, 31839020
Tsuen Wan - 3F Yeung Yk Road Municipal Services Building, 45 Yeung Uk Road, 22129702
Tuen Mun - 3F Tuen Mun Government Offices Building, 1 Tuen Hi Road, 24510304
Yuen Long - 2F Yuen Long Government Offices, 2 Kiu Lok Square, 24784342

Public Libraries

HK Island:
Central - City Hall High Block, Central, 29212555
Shek Tong Tsui - Shek Tong Tsui Municipal Services Building, 470 Queen's Road West, 29226055
Kennedy Town - Smithfield Municipal Services Building, 12K Smithfield Road, 29217106
Chaiwan - Chaiwan Municipal Services Building, 338 Chaiwan Road, 29215055
North Point - Electric Road Municipal Services Building, 229 Electric Road, 29223055 and North Point Market Building, Pak Fuk Road, 29224155
Quarry Bay - Quarry Bay Municipal Services Building, 38 Quarry Bay Street, 29224055
Siu Sai Wan - Siu Sai Wan Complex, 15 Siu Sai Wan Road, 34273072
Shau Kei Wan - Yiu Cheong House, Yiu Tung Estate, 29227626
Aberdeen - Aberdeen Municipal Services Building, 203 Aberdeen Main Road, 29211055
Ap Lei Chau - Ap Lei Chau Municipal Services Building, 8 Hung Shing Street, 29211007
Pokfulam - Units 611 Wah Chun House, Wah Fu Estate, 29211155
Stanley - Stanley Municipal Services Building, 6 Stanley Market Road, 29235171
HK Central Library - 66 Causeway Road, 31501234
Wanchai - Lockhart Road Municipal Services Building, 225 Hennessy Road, 28795560
Happy Valley - Wong Nai Chung Municipal Services Building, 2 Yuk Sau Street, 29235065

Hunghom - Hunghom Municipal Services Building, 11 Ma Tau Wai Road, 29265044
Kowloon City - Kowloon City Municipal Services Building, 100 Nga Tsin Wai Road, 29266055
Homantin - 5 Pui Ching Road, 29264055
Tokwawan - To Kwa Wan Market and Government Offices, 165 Ma Tau Wai Road, 29264155
Lam Tin - Lam Tin Complex, 1 Hing Tin Street, 29277055
Lei Yue Mun - Lei Yue Mun Municipal Services Building, 6 Lei Yu Mun Path, 23403519
Mgau Tau Kok - Ngau Tau Kok Municipal Services Building, 183 Ngau Tau Kok Road, 29274055
Sau Mau Ping - Sau Ming House, Sau Mau Ping Estate, 29277155
Kwun Tong - Shui Wo Street Municipal Services Building, 9 Shui Wo Street, 29273055 or Shun Lee Tsuen Sports Centre, Shun Lee Tsuen Road, 29273155
Lai Chi Kok - 19 Lai Wan Road, 27464270
Pak Tin - Pak Tin Commercial Centre, 29282055
Sham Shui Po - Po On Road Municipal Services Building, 325 Po On Road, 29287055
Cheung Sha Wan, Un Chau Street Municipal Services Building, 59 Un Chau Street, 29287166
Fu Shan - Fu Yan House, Fu Shan Estate, 29276707
Lok Fu - Lok Fu Plaza, 29267055
Wong Tai Sin - North Wing, Lung Hing House, Lower Wong Tai Sin Estate II, 29276255
Ngau Chi Wan - Ngau Chi Wan Municipal Services Building, 11 Clear Water Bay Road, 29276055
San Po Kong - San Po Kong Plaza, 33 Shung Ling Street, 29276107
Tsz Wan Shan, Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre, 23 Yuk Wah Street, 29276050
Mongkok - Fa Yuen Street Municipal Services Building, 123A Fa Yuen Street, 29284055
Tai Kok Tsui, Tsi Kok Tsui Municipal Services Building, 63 Fuk Tsun Street, 29284155
Tsim Sha Tsui, Concordia Plaza, 1 Science Museum Road, 29261072
Yaumatei, 250 Shanghai Street, 29286055

New Territories:
Kwai Chung - North Kwai Chung Market & Library, Shek Yam Road, 24214740 or Kwai Hong Government Offices, 166 Hing Fong Road, 24296338
Tsing Yi - Tsing Yi Municipal Services Building, 38 Tsing Luk Street, 24672904
Fanling - 9 Wo Mun Street, 26694444
Sha Tau Kok - Block 20, Sha Tau Kok Chuen, 26470870
Sheung Shui - Shek Wu Hui Municipal Services Building, 13 Chi Cheong Road, 26792804
Sai Kung - Sai Kung Government Offices, 34 Chan Man Street, 27923669
Tseung Kwan O - 9 Wan Lung Road, 27068101
Shatin - Kwai Wo House, Lek Yuen Estate, 26975177 or 14 On Chun Street, 26301911 or 1 Yuen Wo Road, 26943788
Tai Po - Tai Po Complex, 8 Heung Sze Wui Street, 26514334
Tsuen Wan - Shek Fong House, Shek Wai Kok Estate, 24146044 or 38 Sai Lau Kok Road, 24903891
Tuen Mun - Tip Chui House, Butterfly Estate, 24680518 or Commercial Complex, Tai Hing Estate, 24623220 or 1 Tuen Hi Road, 24500671
Yuen Long - Ping Shan Tin Shui Wan Leisure and Cultural Building, 1 Tsui Sing Road, 21267520 or Tin Chak Shopping Centre, Tin Chak Estate, 37410646 or Yuen Long Government Offices, 2 Kiu Lok Square, 24792511
Cheung Chau - Cheung Chau Municipal Services Building, 29815455
Mui Wo - Mui Wo Municipal Services Building, 29847511
North Lamma - 1 Yung Shue Wan, 29821444
South Lamma - Second Street, Sok Kwu Wan, 29828178
Peng Chau, Peng Chau Municipal Services Building, 29831440
Tai O - Commercial Centre, Lung Tin Estate, 29855006
Tung Chung - Tung Chung Municipal Services Building, 39 Man Tung Road, 21093011

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