Sai Kung

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Mini bike playground - This playground provides mini bike and electronic skateboard for hire, and also BBQ sites! It is just about 10 mins walk from the Sai Kung bus stop. Average expenditure is HK$ 500.

To Sai Kung: Take the MTR green line to Choi Hung Station, get off from Exit C1 and take the mini bus no. 1 to Sai Kung bus stop. Another way is to get off at Shatin Station, from there take the bus no. 299 to Sai Kung bus stop.

Junk Bay or Tseung Kwan O - Little Hawaii Trail: A pleasant short hike not disappointing at all. The waterfall there is just beautiful and chilling. Minibus 1 from Choi Hung MTR, get off at Tseng Lan Shue Village.

Hoi Ha Natural Reserve - Hoi Ha is easy to reach. From Sai Kung Bus Terminal, take mini bus no. 7 and get off at the last stop. Hoi Ha may not be suitable for swimming because it is the last frontier of HK that you can find thousands of marine life there. It is fun to see them but swim with them at your own risk (I did). There is also a marine life education center 10 mins walk from the beach.

Hoi Ha

Ma See Chau (Horse Poo Island) - East Rail Line to Tai Po Market, change to bus no. 74K all the way to the end

Horse Poo Island does not have a very nice beach, but it is famous for its seafood; and it is the oldest island in HK - formed in 300 million years ago. When you get off the bus, you can hike to the island from Sam Mun Chai Village which is worthy, or take a small boat directly to the beach of Horse Poo Island.

Ma See Chau

Grass Island (Tap Mun) - Bus no. 94 from Sai Kung bus stop to Wong Shek Pier, kaido to Tap Mun (30 mins); or ferry from Ma Liu Shui public pier (1 hr), 10 minutes walk from University MTR.

The most preserved place in HK, seems you are in Africa or South America - Grass Island as it is called, is an island with so many grass, so many green. It is the most beautiful island I have ever been in HK. It is gorgeous and breathtaking! I just don't know how to describe it! Let's see some pictures and you will understand :) Just fyi, Grass Island is also a famous spot for diving in HK. You will be amazed of how beautiful the underwater of HK can be.

Grass Island
Remember the name of the boat - TSUIWAH Here you go - Grass Island (Tap Mun) Temple of Tin Hau Till you get to the summit, you will be dropping your jaws...
Tap Mun
Sounds good for surfing, isn't it? Simply gorgeous Look at a thin straight rock on the left side, it is separated into the upper part and the lower part. They only have one contact point to each others. You see this stone, you know you are at the right place.

Crooked Island (Kat O) - Another un-tempted area in HK. The best place for diving in HK, also famous for its Lover's Tree. Take a speedboat from Sai Kung costs about HK$ 500, arrange it by calling 9174 3914

Tung Ping Chau - ferry from MTR East Rail University Station (15 mins walk. Follow the sign that leads you to the public loading strip

Tung Ping Chau is the farthest place (2.5 hrs by ferry) you can reach within HK (The Red circle). It is a place with all the cool rocks. It is believed that all the people living on the island evacuated in the 1980s...Sounds like the Easter Island of HK. The beach there is nice. It is just too far away...

The last piece of land you can see from the main area of HK, then it is an 1 hour in the middle of the sea trip One of the 30 empty houses left after the evacuation A journey to the jungle
Tung Ping Chau
  An Island of cliffs. Tung Ping is like a huge rock sinking in the sea, the whole island is so inclined.   This was where the movie 300 was shot...probably Beach is nice and the weather is good here. Just a lot of dead jellyfishes hehe