New Town Plaza - the biggest mall in HK, you can find almost everything from there. Exit from Shatin Station.

10 Thousands Buddha Temple - a temple with 10,000 Buddha statues. Exit B from Shatin Station. Start counting right from the entrance :)

HK Museum of Heritage - the best museum in HK so far, talks about the 6,000 years history of HK. Exit from Shatin Station. 

To Fung Shan - the Protestant church in Shatin, with a giant cross stood on a hill in Shatin. Taxi from Taiwai Station.

Po Fuk Shan - A place to worship the ancestors. Exit from Shatin Station.

Shatin Racecourse - see Horse Racing

Shatin Racecourse

Tsang Tai Uk - A village of more than 300 years of history. Exit from Shatin Wai Station.

Cycling path / jogging lane - see Cycling

Chinese University of HK - Exit from the University Station.

HK Science Park - a research center of science and technology; as well as a movement detection playground to understand the latest science and technology in the world. Taxi from the University Station, or riding a bike from Shatin towards Tai Po.

Sai Sha - a place for chilling. Thai food restaurant and bars occupy the area. 10 mins from Wu Kai Sha Station. 

Ma On Shan Beach - In 2012, it has become a paradise for couples just because of the self-less sacrifice of an old man:

An old man spent a year to build a heart with rocks found on the beach. He also spent 5 years to build a walkway to the beach for everybody. What a wonderful guy! To get to Ma On Shan Beach, get off from Exit A, Ma On Shan MTR on the Brown Line, then head to Ma On Shan Park, walk along the water towards East and you will arrive at the beach in 10 minutes. Beside swimming and boat rowing, you can also do BBQ on this beach.

Tsuen Wan

Yuen Yuen Temple - A Buddhism temple to visit. Taxi from Tsuen Wan MTR Station.

Nina Tower - the shopping mall and office complex developed by the then richest woman in the world. Tsuen Wan West Rail Station. (She died in 2007 and leaving an asset accounts for US$ 20 billions)

Nina Tower

Sham Tung Uk Museum - A glance of the living condition of HK in 200 years ago. Exit B3, Tsuen Wan MTR Station. 

Stonecutter Bridge - Linking the Tsing Yi Island, Stonecutter Island and Kwai Chung District, this is the longest bridge in HK. By far there is no mass public transportation running on the bridge. The first time I went on the bridge was taking a taxi. The view from the bridge is really amazing.