Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui is known as TST among the foreigners. It is a place for tourists to stay, shop, eat, sightseeing and party. Also an area full of museums:
Museum Pass - With a HK Museum Pass, you can enter all these museums without the need to pay the entrance fee every time. Museum Pass can be bought at any museum. The price of the pass as at 2012 is as follow:
Ocean Terminal - the mall in HK with the most number of shops (over 700). It is truly a shoppers' paradise. Exit F, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station. Together with the luxury brand names' flagship stores on Canton Road outside the mall, this is the Madison Avenue of HK.

Clock Tower - the most popular place for people to meet in HK. Also a sign for the countdown activities during Christmas and New year eves. Exit F, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station.

The Peninsula - the most popular hotel in HK. Exit E, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station. The top floor known as the Presidential Suite cannot be accessed by any of the elevators inside the hotel, but with a private summit for landing from a helicopter. The 28/F is the world famous Felix bar designed by Philip Starck. 

East Rail Hung Hom Terminal - A place for you to take direct train to China: Guangzhou, Shanghai or Beijing.

Waterfront promenade - the best place to watch the Victoria Harbour lightshow. Also featuring the avenue of stars - HK movie stars. Exit F, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station.

Nathan Road (Broadway of HK) - the busiest street in HK, with hundreds of shops for tourists. Also the street with the most no. of bank service centers in the world.

The Mosque - the largest mosque in HK. Open to public who observe the writs of Islam. Exit A1, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station.  

Chung King Mansions - a huge residential building for people from Southern Asia, Middle East and Africa. It is known as the 'United Nations' of HK; as well as the most successful demonstration of international harmony in the world. There you can find some good Indian restaurants. Exit G, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station.

Kowloon Park - the biggest park in Kowloon. A museum of heritage is inside the park, and it also has the biggest public swimming pool in HK.

China HK City - the pier for ferry to Macau and some China cities in the South. Exit A1, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station.

Star Ferry and the piers - Exit F, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station. Take a joyful ride on the Star Ferry from TST to Central or Wanchai.

Shun Ho Shan Park - Exit K, Tsim Sha Tsui East MTR, walk towards Minden Avenue behind the Mariner's Club. Used to be the little hill for the Observatory of HK to fly giant typhoon signs when needed. In the past, people relied on the giant signs to see how serious the typhoon was; as the hill could be seen from every where in the city. Now the tower for hanging the signs is abandoned but you could climb up and get a nice view of the Harbour. 

Yaumatei and Jordan

Broadway Cinematheque - Prosperous Garden, Exit B2, Yau Ma Tei MTR Station. Cinema featuring non-mainstream movies, including gay and lesbian titles.

Temple Street - Exit C, Yau Ma Tei MTR Station. The nightlife for lower class people in HK. Palm reading, Canton Opera, flea market, and Chinese seafood attract thousand and thousand of visitors every day.

Yau Ma Tei is a very interesting district. It was the first area with modern Chinese settlement since the opening of HK. As a result, you can find a lot of traditional shops in the area. Spend sometime walking around Reclamation Street, Shanghai Street and Temple Street and you will be rewarded with a wonderful cultural lesson.

Hung Hom

Whampoa Garden - mini bus no. 6 from Hung Hom MTR. This is a huge residential area but also a place for fun. Shopping mall, restaurant of international cuisines are easily accessible.

Mong Kok

Langham Place - Exit C3, Mong Kok MTR Station. The tallest building in Mong Kok and a shopping mall at the heart of the city.

Bird Street - Exit D, Mong Kok East Station. A street selling different kinds of birds.

Flower Street - Exit D, Mong Kok East Station. A street selling different kinds of flowers.

Goldfish Street - Exit C, Mong Kok East Station. A street selling different kinds of fish and pets.

Lady's Market - Exit D3, Mong Kok MTR Station. A street of over 5 blocks long best for shopping of souvenirs and some basic needs in very cheap price.

Wong Tai Sin

Wong Tai Sin Temple - the biggest Taosim temple in HK. Exit B3, Wong Tai Sin MTR Station. On every Chinese New Year's midnight, people rush into the temple fighting to be the first one to offer incense to the god worshipped there. People believe it would bring good luck for the rest of the year.

Chi Lin Temple - A monastery of Buddhism with a beautiful park featuring the architectural style of Tang Dynasty (1000 years ago). Exit C2, Diamond Hill MTR Station.

Kowloon Bay

Indoor war game center - see Other Activities

Telford Plaza - Kowloon Bay MTR Station. A shopping mall where IKEA could also be found.

International Trade and Exhibition Centre - a performing arena. Take the shuttle bus from Telford Plaza bus terminal.

Mega Box - a huge shopping mall. Also accessible by taking the shuttle bus from Telford Plaza. A walk from Kowloon Bay MTR is only 10 minutes though.

HK's first Zero-Carbon Building - Zero-Carbon Park - Right outside Megabox at Kowloon Bay.

Kwun Tong

APM - the biggest shopping mall in East Kowloon. Exit A2, Kwun Tong MTR Station.

Kwun Tong Industrial Buildings - a wide range of factory outlets of clothes including Adidas and Nike; and other consumer products. Exit C, Kwun Tong MTR.