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HK is a coastal city where beaches are everywhere; except in the urban areas where beaches are gone due to reclamation or not suitable for swimming because of pollution. Here are some of the most famous beaches in HK.

1. Tuen Mun / Tsuen Wan

There are a number of beaches in these areas. Go to Sham Shui Po MTR, then take the bus no. 52X from Dragon Centre, and get off at Coffee Bay

2. Tai Long Wan / Long Ke

Take the MTR to Choi Hung Station, get off from Exit C1 and take the mini bus no. 1 to Sai Kung, and from there take a taxi and tell the driver you are going to Sai Wan via Sai Kung Sai Wan Road.

Another way is to get off at Shatin Station, from there take the bus no. 299 to Sai Kung, and take a taxi and tell the driver you are going to Sai Wan.

Remember you are now in the New Territories so you need to take a GREEN taxi to go to Sai Wan.

Besides, you can take a shuttle bus leaving from the Sai Kung Stadium (opposite of Park'N supermarket, near to the minibus stop) all the way to Lo Tei Tun (Sai Wan) if you are going on SUNDAY.

From Sai Wan / Lo Tei Tun, you will see a sign as the entrance to the hike to the beach.

Long KeStart your hiking at Lo Tei Tun. If you head East you will reach Tai Long Wan; and if you head South, you will be in Long Ke - the most beautiful beach in HK, also more quiet than Tai Long Wan. If you want something even more isolated, try heading further North from Tai Long Wan, until you reach Long Bay. It should be the most quiet beach in HK, and gorgeous as hell.

Sai Wan Tai Long Bay Ham Tin Wan and Tai Wan

If you are looking for something more interesting, you may try the Luk Wu Trail starting from Pak Tam Chung Park and you will see a cliff jumping waterfall on the way before arriving at the beach.

Dare to jump?

From time to time, some selfish village people have blocked the trail from Lo Tei Tun to Sai Wan during the week. You may only be able to access to the beaches on the weekends if you are unlucky.

3. Trio Beach / Half-Moon Beach

Trio BeachTrio Beach is a secluded beach but with more than enough facilities for water fun. There are showers, changing rooms, BBQ sites, water sports gears, and a small playground. So go to this beach if you are looking for more than sunbathing and swimming. One of the best water quality beach in HK. There is a small shop selling cup noodle and beer.

Take the MTR to Choi Hung Station, get off from Exit C1 and take the mini bus no. 1 towards Sai Kung, but get off at Pak Sha Wan. From the pier there, take a kaido (small boat) to Trio Beach. You can negotiate the fare if you are not a small group.

4. Clear Water Bay

Clear Water Bay is perhaps the most popular beach in the New Territories, or it is the most easily access. To get there, you may take the MTR to Diamond Hill Station, get off from Exit C2 and take the bus no. 91 from the bus terminal to Clear Water Bay.

5. Big Wave / Shek O

Shek OBig Wave and Shek O are located at the East of the Island. They are by far the only beaches in HK which is suitable for surfing. To Shek O, you can take the MTR to Sau Kei Wan Station. Get off at Sau Kei Wan Station Exit A3, and take the bus no. 9 from the bus terminal there to Shek O. To Big Wave, just take a taxi from Shek O and there you go. Big Wave is good for its surfing facilities. Surfing is best in HK in November or when it is hit by a Typhoon (Hurricane).

The Dragon's Back / Lung Chek at the Big Wave is recommended by the Times Magazine as the best hiking in a world city.

6. Stanley / Repulse Bay / South Bay

South BayStanley and Repulse Bay are undoubtedly the most crowded beaches in HK. They are relatively bigger, but not so impressive. To get there simply take the MTR to Central. Get off at Exit A to the Exchange Square, and from the bus terminal on the ground, take bus no. 6, 6x or 260 to either Repulse Bay or Stanley. If you want a more quiet place to relax, take a taxi from Stanley to South Bay. You may meet some local celebrities at South Bay on the weekdays.

7. Lamma Island

Lamma Island is a residential area for foreigners in HK. It is the 2nd biggest remote island in HK. Different from Cheung Chau, it is less populated and therefore, more suitable for living. Some bars and restaurants in Lamma Island are recommended by local newspapers. The beaches there are so quiet that you may try to swim naked if you prefer. There is also seafood restaurants in Lamma Island but quite expensive. To get there, you need to take a ferry from the Central Pier no. 4 - Exit A and followed by 10 mins walk from Central MTR Station; or from Aberdeen Pier near Aberdeen waterfront park.

Fisherman's village - admission fee, HK$ 40 to 60; open only on Sunday

Wind power turbine - 15 mins from Yung Shue Wan, follow the sign on the way

Mo Tak Wan - A Maldives like beach area where you can stay overnight at the lodges there. HK$ 888 for a sea view French dinner + one day rental of one sea view lodge. More info at: To Mo Tak Wan: Ferry from Central to Sok Kwu Wan, walk 10 mins to Mo Tak Wan; or ferry from Aberdeen to Mo Tak Wan directly

The Deep Bay - You may find Sea Turtle here! To protect the turtles, this beach is a restricted area so the water is unbelievably clear!

Lamma Island

8. Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau is the most populated remote island in HK, the beach is a bit busy but it has a little taste of Caribbean or Mediterranean. However, every thing is better if you go before June or after October. To get there, you need to take a ferry from the Central Pier no. 5 - Exit A and followed by 10 mins walk from Central MTR Station.

About 300,000 people live in Cheung Chau. Because of this, Cheung Chau is a very convenient area. There are church, hospital, supermarkets, banks, playground, restaurants, beaches and even a hotel in Cheung Chau. The seafood restaurants in Cheung Chau is a must for tourists. The price is about 1/3 of the seafood restaurants in the city. (See Eating Section) Cheung Chau also has a side of historical interest. The stone carving just next to the Warwick Hotel has 6,000 years of history.

This is the beach in the North of the Island. People usually goes to the one in the Southeast but the best one is actually this one.

Cheung Po Tsai

Cheung Po Chai Cave - Cheung was a pirate in some 300 years ago and he kept his treasure in some caves in Cheung Chau. Here is one of them:

The hotel in Cheung Chau - Warwick Hotel, is a nice one with swimming pool and balcony and the rooms offers 270' of sea view. It is about HK$ 700 for 1 night during the week which is pretty worthy.

Cheung Chau

Yet the most famous part about Cheung Chau is the annual Bun Tower Race of the Bun Festival on the Buddha's Birthday (Bruce Lee was once a competitor). Every year people try their best to reach to the top of the bun tower which is about 30 ft tall. You gotta be there as early as possible if you want to have a chance to step on the island that day. (NO MEAT will be served on Buddha's Birthday in Cheung Chau, even McDonald has their special McVeggie)

9. Cheung Sha

Cheung Sha is in Lantau aka the longest beach in HK. It is so different from the North side of the Island which is so developed. Cheung Sha is therefore, picked by the foreigners in HK as a place to live. In sometimes of the year, Cheung Sha may become a nude beach.

To get there, you need to take a ferry from the Central Pier no. 6 - Exit A and followed by 10 mins walk from Central MTR Station. The ferry can only take you to Mui Wo, Lantau, which is also a nice neighborhood. From Mui Wo, take a taxi or bus to Cheung Sha.

Further west is Yi Long Wan, which is not so long but more beautiful than Cheung Sha.

10. Shatin Beach

Shatin Beach or Wo Kai Sha Beach is the closest beach to Kowloon Tong. It takes only 30 mins from Kowloon Tong to there. You can rent a boat, or do BBQ there. And there is a small restaurant that you don't need to worry about where to refill your beer.

Take Ma On Shan Line all the way to the end - Wo Kai Sha Station. Exit from Exit A, walk pass Wo Kai Sha New Village and there you are.

BBQ (Barbecue) is something the local people love to do throughout the year. BBQ site can be found in all country parks and most of the beaches. Foods must be brought before going to the BBQ site in country parks. There will be shop selling fresh meats if you are going to a BBQ site in a beach.

The most popular BBQ sites in HK are Stanley Beach, Pak Tam Chung in Sai Kung, Tai Hang Tung in Clear Water Bay, Hok Tau Reservoir in Fanling, and Tai Mei Tuk in Plover Cove.

More beaches in "Specific Areas" sections

Harbor Fun


Symphony of light Lightshow is a special event organized by the HK Tourism Board to welcome visitors to HK. Every night at 20:00, a 20 mins lighting performance will be performed by the skyscrapers on both sides of the Victoria Harbour. Computer controlled lighting on the curtain walls of the skyscrapers and laser beams beamed from their rooftops work together to give a colorful, extraordinary, one of a kind lightshow in the world. The harbor is in the dark no more in that 20 mins.

During New Year's Eve, 2nd day of Chinese New Year, and the National Day of China, the lightshow would be combined with firework over the harbor. And from Christmas to Chinese New Year, the curtain walls of the skyscrapers are also decorated with neon lights themed with Christmas and Chinese New Year greetings.

Now please enjoy a video made by HK Tourism Board: This video was taken on New Year Eve of 2010, so you could see the countdown firework in addition to the regular lightshow.

Harbor Cruising

The Victoria Harbour is one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. You may have a glance by traveling across the harbor by taking the Star Ferry. However, if you want to have a longer experience of the 'fragrant' harbor, and do some more swinging dance moves, you may join the harbor cruising tour or rent a yacht or boat with your friends.

Information about harbor cruise -

Aqua Luna - daily set sail for seeing the lightshow at the harbor in the evening.

Boat Rental

Always good to throw a themed-party on a boat ;)

  • Duk Ling Chinese Sailing Junk - 2851 9601, - Up to 40 people with bed spaces for 10 and a kitchen, ideal for overnight party.
  • Jaspas Party Junk - 2792 6001, - Minimum 14 people up to 40. Party music provided, and water skiing and wakeboarding included.
  • Jubilee International Tour Centre - 2530 0530, - Biggest boat rental company in town, no food supplied though.
  • Jubilee - 3555 5666,
  • Jumbo Charters - 2873 0345 - Up to 40, no food and drinks
  • Laissez Faire - 2770 8066 - Reasonable price.
  • Michelangelo - 9887 0000, - Minimum 30 up to 70, a junk once owned by celebrities before. Contains a saloon, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, and Internet access.
  • Saffron Cruises - 2857 1311, - Same price through 7 days of the week.
  • Starship Yachts - 2555 2805 - May go to Macau upon requested.
  • Vikings Charter - 2576 8992, - from speedboat to air conditioned cruiser, and even a traditional Chinese junk. Fees includes wakeboarding and water skiing.
  • Hong Kong Yachting - 2526 0151,
  • Island Junks - 2877 5222, - Want a Thai Massage on a boat?
  • Mes Amis - 3170 7063,
  • Pana Oceans - 2815 8235,
  • Standard Boat - 2570 1792,

Other Watersports

  • Hi Wind Lover - 2813 7561, - Stanley Main Beach
  • HK Hobie Club - 2813 5003, - Sailing of Hobie cats, races are held once a month from September to May
Scuba Diving
  • Wakeaholic - 9222 7887, - Food, drinks and equipment is included in the fees
  • Wakeland - 3120 4102, - various courses for different target groups, such as women, and corporate. Located in Lantau Island, HK Island and Sai Kung
  • Wake-surfing - 94022260, - Shum Wan, Aberdeen. A new type of sports combining wakeboarding and surfing together.
  • Sai Sha Watersports Center - 2792 8307, - Banana boats, kayaks, paddleboats, sailing, windsurfing, canoes, junks, wakeboarding, and more
  • HK Dragon Boat Association - 25048332, Causeway Bay
  • Kei Ling Wakeboard Club - 90124841, Sai Kung
  • Long Coast - 81046222, Cheung Sha Beach, Lantau

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