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Japan is a must visit if you have enough money. Living in Japan is similar to living in Europe or the States because everything is much more expensive than the rest of Asia. However, Japan is so unique and advanced that you will be amazed of everything you see there. Also, Japanese have the best attitude towards tourists. It is not exactly a western country but it is also so different from other Asian countries. If you are a gadget / technology freak, you will be bankrupt after visiting Japan. The food - Sushi, ramen and seafood are just awesome. Flight to Japan from HK is quite expensive compared to other destinations. It ranges from HK$ 3,000 to 5,000. (Shinjuku government building, Tokyo)

Shinjuku, Tokyo

Nepal - Himalayas area and a very interesting place

India - so many things to see

Sri Lanka or Maldives - the paradise in Asia

Indonesia - also a paradise in Asia but much more developed. Bali is a very good place for diving and surfing.

I went to both the Kuta and Rusa Dua areas. Kuta is indeed still the center of Bali, restaurants and shopping malls are every where. The beaches of both Kuta and Rusa Dua are rough with big waves, generally clean. Stay at anywhere where you get a sea view and your life is completed.

I stayed at the Heritage Kuta Hotel which is a cheap place (only US$ 60 per night) with sea view, breakfast, small public pool. The beach is only across the street, and a new shopping mall - Beachwalk is just 5 minutes walk away. However, the ATMs and credit cards may not work there since it is a 'new' mall.

Other parts of China

Guilin, Guangxi (or Yangshou) - the most beautiful area of China according to the Chinese

Lijiang - In the Yunnan province, situated the best natural beauty of China.

Tibet - the sacred area also accesses to the Himalayas, the tallest mountain in the world, and the 'Shangri-La'.

Every foreigner needs an Entry Permit to visit Tibet

To get an entry permit, you MUST arrange your trip in a HK travel agency. And you can walk around Tibet only under the guidance (or surveillance) of the tour agent. The most popular or trustworthy one should be the China Travel Agency, as it is the China's official travel agency.

Nanjing - the old capital of modern China. Many historical buildings. A place to relax.

Suzhou - the Venice in China, a very beautiful and quiet city

Zhangjiajie (Hunan) - the place where the movie Avator got its inspiration. It is quite easy and cheap to go there from HK now, after the fastest passenger train between Guangzhou and Wuhan is opened. It takes around 3 hours by express train (gao tie) from Guangzhou to Wuhan (and 1.5 hours from HK to Guangzhou). Once you get to Wuhan, you can take a bus to Zhangjiajie.

Northeast - a taste of the Manchurian style. Skiing resort is developing rapidly in China in recent years. In Manchuria the ski areas are huge and all in world class standard.

Inner Mongolia - this time for the Mongolian style. Huge grassland and 1,000 of stars at night. Just amazing

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