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Taiwan is good for a weekend trip. Its just below HK$ 1,000 flight to Taipei and you can enjoy delicious food and see the 2nd tallest building in the world - Taipei 101. Other parts of Taiwan may be interesting also.

Taipei: The capital of Taiwan


Kaohsiung is only 40 minutes away from HK which a cheaper and quieter version of Taipei. You still get great food and nice people there. It may be more boring than Taipei, but people usually spend a few days at Kaohsiung then either go to inner Taiwan to see the beautiful nature, or south to Kenting for the beaches there.

The famous lake/temple area.

I stayed at the 85 tower, the highest building in Kaohsiung, probably the 2nd highest in Taiwan. As you can see, every room has spectacular view of the city as the hotel is on the top floors of the tower. Room size is okay, and it costs about US 100 per night.

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