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A very cool place for tourists, be careful of stealing and assaults though . Food in Indonesia and Thailand are really cheap. And prostitution in Thailand is crazy, you can practically get anything you want as long as you can afford. One thing you should remember is, never go to the provinces South of Bangkok. The rebels control the area and serious bombing occurs all the times.

In Thailand the summer of the Northern Hemisphere is actually considered low season and everything is cheaper at that time. Perhaps, it is more quiet and it may not be the kind of thing some people are looking for.

Koh Samui and surroundings - where the Full Moon Party begins. And there are also Half-Moon and New Moon parties. I did not go at the time of any of those, but still I have fallen in love with these islands South East of Thailand. I am glad I did not go to Bangkok for the first time visiting Thailand; because all I have in my memory now are the best experience I ever have from traveling in Asia.

Thailand is truly amazing (apart from the crazy things I did not see in Bangkok or Pattaya). It is like everything is designed for visitors, westerners in particular. Full Moon Party (one of the third world's greatest outdoor parties), elephant riding, gun shooting, wild animals contact, Thai-boxing, diving, seafood, sexy shows, and of course, the sun and the beach. where else on earth you can do all these things together in one place?

As it was my first time, I went to the most convenient part Chaweng and stayed near the main action spot. Flights to Koh Samui directly are not cheap; but flights to Bangkok are really cheap. You can go to Koh Samui from Bangkok. It is said that you have to be in the Full Moon Party at least once in your life. I guess you can have fun in any beach in the world as long as there are: unlimited drinks, nice weather, beach, music and friends.


Phuket is on the other side of Thailand from Koh Samui. Other than that things are generally cheaper than Koh Samui (but not as cheap as in Bangkok), Phuket is not that fun.

The villa I stayed at Panwa (Regent Hotel), far away from the busy and 'sexy' Patong; but close to the Phuket old town for some real local experience.

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