Lorencio's Simcity Pages

Hello! Thanks for coming! I am so lucky that my creations has caught a certain attention in the world of SCURK.

Now, I devote this site to all fans of Simcity, and also Hong Kong, that maybe suitable. 

Features of this section:

  • Image Gallery - A complete list of my scurk images created before 1999 Summer

  • Download Centre - A complete, convenient download page of all my Simcity tilesets & cities 

  • Armageddon - An introduction page of my Armageddon concept tilesets & cities

  • HK Millennium - Another tileset showing you the Millennium development of HK, the mecca of skyscraper in the 21 century

  • My Scurk Story - Come here and I will tell you how I devote myself to Scurk

  • Lorencio Simcity CD-Rom Kit - Click here if you are really impressed by my creations

  • The Omega Tileset

 Last updated: 02-26-2005