Lorencio Simcity 2000 Kit

Hello my friends! Have you ever face any of the following circumstances?

  1. Spending too much time on downloading my creations,
  2. Disturbed by unstable internet connection,
  3. Unable to open my files due to lacking of software like zipping utility, or
  4. Having problems in using the files, etc.

Then, you may have interest in reading this good news!

As I am a kind of person who don't want to see anyone disappointing, I feel very sorry when some of you bring any or all the above questions in front of me. Now, I have found a complete solution to these problems - Lorencio Simcity 2000 Kit CD-ROM.

P0401101.jpg (11709 bytes)

This is a CD-ROM produced by me. Inside this CD-ROM, you can find the following stuffs:

  • An introduction of the CD-ROM kit,
  • 79 GIF images of my Scurk Gallery,
  • 5 images in my Scurk Graphic Page,
  • A Simcity 2000 cheat program which give your cities billions of cash,
  • The complete Armageddon tilesets and cities, and more,
  • The tilesets for Simcity 2000 including the 2 El Reys and the new Noches,
  • The full coverage on Hong Kong Millennium - the tilesets, cities, GIF images, and graphics,
  • A compressing and extracting utility,
  • A software for editing the tilesets and cities for both Dos and Windows versions, and
  • Bonus - Cities for Simcity 3000

The content of the CD-ROM may be varied with the addition of my creations.

Sound interest? If yes, please send me an email and discuss with me. It would be better if you can specify our topic in the subject of the mail. But before you proceed, please read the following first.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I order the CD-ROM?

If you decide to order my product, you may simply send me an email. I am not going or willing to run a business, so there is no online order service provided. After we have reached an agreement, usually I will ask you to send me a return envelope with Your Name and Your Shipping Address written on. Of course, I will provide you my address and the other related information. After I received the things I need, I would send you the CD-ROM.

If I cannot receive the right things I need, I would ask you to send it again. I will terminate the trading between us if you refuse.

  • How will be the CD-ROM sent to me?

After you received my acceptance of the order, the product will be sent to you as soon as possible by air-mail. I can tell you that the postmen of Hong Kong are rather effective. It should not take more than 3 days for the CD-ROM to reach the soil of your country. But how long will it take for the postman in your country to bring it to your home is not under my control. You should understand it, right? Usually, it takes at least 1 week for my relatives to receive my letter or parcel at most of the European countries and the Americas.

  • How can I know if you really have receive my letter or the product have been sent to me?

Come on, you are not buying good from a company! Our relationship is built on love and trust. If you don't trust me, please don't order. I am doing this to help people. I don't want to be disturbed by this matter either.

  • Alright, I trust you. But will there be any service provided after sales?

Basically, all the CD-ROM will be tested after produced. If you have problems in using your copy, you may simply send an email to me. For the worst situation, you may need to order it again. Sorry, I can't take any risk or responsibility since it is not a company here, neither limited or unlimited. I can't buy any insurance!

Besides, any buyers will be automatically entered my private mailing list. You will be noticed for matters such as, new features of my webpage.

  • I still have more question ......

Remember, our relationship is built on love and trust! With these, there should be no more questions. If you really have, send me an email. Let's discuss it.

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