Dear fans of SC2000 y SCURK, I feel sorry to declare my suspension on SCURK.

At the end of 1999,  I had a  lot of plans in my mind. I prepared to create 2 or more tilesets to welcome the coming of the new millennium. 1 of my creation would be the London Millennium Dome. However, the beginning of my degree course in design had destroyed all my aims. I had under-estimated the time consumed by my study. And for the past 2 years, I had stopped editing my website, and drawing any new buildings. Actually the London Eye had been torn down already. In early 2001, the world of SCURK was further hit by the retreat of SCURK Mountain (I have no negative means, Les!). There are still many new websites found in the Internet, and the BAT seems to have less influence then SCURK at all. As a result, when the Summer break starts this year, I think I should do something to prolong my contribution to SCURK. Yet I am afraid this is going to be my last creation. Next year undoubtedly, I will finish my life as a student. Ever since 1990, I have devoted myself to Simcity. I promise I would continue my silly drawings as long as I have time!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you my final, but not the best creation - A perfect combination between the East and the West.

El Rey 2001 - Shatin (El Capitol)

In reality, it is the town in Hong Kong where I live for almost 20 years. Perhaps, with different land use. It is a town, but actually it got more than 600,000 population. Alright, what you see there is the ideal capital of my empire. Which I had designed in about 10 years ago.

El Palacio del Santo Lorencio

This is my house, my palace. A statue of myself stands at the top of the structure with 2 obelisks at the 2 courtyards. The whole palace consists of more than 100 rooms protected by iron fences. Behinds the palace is a huge area of recreation for the royal family. 

El Palacio d'Aguila

The Eagle Palace, or the Back Palace is a secret place of the emperor. It has no entrance as shown from its appearance. The whole building is just a wall of columns. No one knows how to get in except the ruler of the empire. 

El Transporte del Rey

The King's Transportation - is a place to place nearly all the transportation facilities of the royal family. Including the emperor owns more than 100 Ferraris. 

El Palacio de Ejecutivo

The House of Executive is the place where the emperor and the royal servants work. Some subjects think that it looks just like a cake made of columns. 

Las Cortes

The Parliament - no need to explain, I believe. The top of the central building below the dome, is a rotating circle which can tell people the day of the month when they are in the front. The statues of the premiers of all time are stood up along the top of the building. 

El Palacio de Justicia y La Torre

The design of the House of Justice was developed from the Temple of Artemis. It is also the Imperial Court. The Justice Tower represents the everlasting of the spirit of the Royal Code as it is held on top by the god of law. 

El Palacio de Militar

The House of Military is originally the Pharos of Capitol. It is the building of national security situated besides the army base. 

El Tesoro de Reino

The Royal Treasury stores all the precious valuables of the royal family, as well as the national treasure. The structure has a very solid shape which was once known as the Mausoleum, also 1 of the 7 wonders of the world.  

La Puerta Yue Shing y El Puente Lik Yuen

This is the sovereign pathway dedicated to the emperor, connects the southern and the northern parts of the city. 

La Torre del Rey

The Emperor's Tower is built for celebrating the conquest of Asia by the emperor in the 12th century. It symbolizes the power of the owner since the shape of the tower is inspired from the icon that believed as the source of power by the people of the world at that time. The tower was once stolen by the barbarians during the first world war when the capitol was captured. It was restored to its motherland in the 14th century at the end of the war.

La Estatua Capitol

The Statue Capitol is built for the memory of the liberation of the capitol after the first world war. The creature on top is the god of Shatin. 

La Columna

These columns were built for the beautification project of the Capitol after the first world war. Some of them were put at the ruins from the first world war to create a sense of ironic beauty. 

La Plaza Yue Shing

Yue Shing literally means joyfulness city. Before becoming the capital, Shatin was known as Yue Shing. And a tragedy was happened at la Puerta Yue Shing when the emperor was still the prince of the empire. Once the brother of the emperor was trying to kill him and seize power. But the emperor was informed and a rebellion was broke out at the city's gate. Since the armies needed to pass through the gate to enter the city. Of course, the emperor won the battle at last. His brother was exiled, and all the corpses, were buried nearby. Later, the plaza was built on the top and became the royal cemetery. The tower is the tallest structure in the Capitol.

La Universidad La Salle

This is the capital's university. Many centuries' icons and important figures were graduates from here. The campus is new, rebuilt from the old one.

La Biblioteca y Educacion de Reino

The central library and the educational authority of the empire are modern architectures of the capital. However, it seems very fit with the surroundings.

El Castillo del Dragula

The Castle of Dragula, was actually the vampire's home. He was a friend of the emperor. So, when he died he gave the castle to the empire. Now the place was perfectly changed to the national museum, despite of the rumors and myths came from here day by day.

La Catedral del Santo Lorencio

The St. Lorencio Cathedral was built after Catholic became the national religion. In other words, it has over 1000 years of history. The 3 entrances represent the Holy Trinity, and the 4 little domes symbolize the 4 wounds of Jesus Christ. The central dome is God and the whole cathedral can house 8,000 worshippers.

The Millennium Dome

New structures are built in the Capitol in the beginning of the new millennium. The first one is the Millennium Dome. An exhibition centre which attracts millions of visitors every month.

The New Epoch Tower

The New Epoch Tower is a commercial tower which is also the tallest building in the Capitol. It is designed by the emperor. The shape of the building creates the kind of power that leads the Capitol enters the new millennium.

Download the El Rey 2001 Tileset

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