City and Tileset Downloading Page

Updated: 01-06-2001

Hello! This is a downloading page of my Simcity 2000 cities and tilesets for Windows. Here you can download any file you like by simply clicking the underlined hyperlinks. Sorry to tell you that the server of my page is quite unstable. If you can't download the files, try to reload it; or type the address of the particular file directly in the address line of your browser.

New creations !!!

El Rey 2001


After nearly 2 years of relaxation, the London Millennium Dome is completed. Together with other SCURKs, form the El Rey 2001 tileset. My first tileset in the new century, but may also be my last tileset at all. This Summer is going to be my last college break (hopefully). I wish my contribution in SCURK could encourage newcomers to continue. VIVA LA SCURK!

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Simcity 2000 Cities:

Hong Kong Urban Area

(New from 09-09-1999)

This is a city which I was asked to create by many visitors of the page for a very long time. But I hadn't do so because it is very hard to distinguish the urban area of Hong Kong. If I wanted to create a city with all the HK's buildings I have drawn, the covered area should be very large. However, it would result in a scaling problem. The buildings on the island side which form the skyline of HK would be very tight together and no road could be built between them. While the buildings in the Kowloon side would be too far from each others. It is a problem of SC2000, it is glad that there is no longer such a thing in SC3000.

So, the city now I give you is not quite realistic. Despite of this, the approximate locations of the buildings can be shown inside. There are 2 versions for you to download. 1 is a completed city. Which is on recession because of the irregular distribution of zones according to SC2000 standard. The other version is a starter city type. Only the buildings I draw are put at their exact locations with the major roads of HK constructed. If the 'make historical' function appears earlier, your HK should look very great.

Millennium HK These are the cities found in the Millennium HK Page. They cover a relatively larger area of the city HK than the one above. There are 4 of them, together form a giant Simcity, roughly the same size of a large SC3000 city. It would be so nice if they can combine in the game.

All of them are Starter City type.

Millennium Macau This is the city found in the Millennium HK Page for the Millennium development of Macau. It only covers the area of Macau, without the remote islands - Taipa and Coloane. Similar to the Millennium HKs, it is also a Starter City. Only the buildings I draw for Macau are placed. And a route which follows the approximate F3 Grand Prix circuit is constructed.
You may go to the Millennium HK Files List Page for a preview.
Armageddon Cities These are cities found in the Armageddon Page.
Visitors' Creation

Alice's Five Islands

"It's name is Five Islands. It's just beautiful! The land values are high. Schools', hospitals', colleges' and lybraries' grades are A+"

(Selected from Alice's email)

Simcity 2000 Tilesets For Windows:

El Rey 1

El Rey 2

The name El Rey 1 doesn't mean it is my first tileset. If you have interest to see how my first creation looks please go to the 'My Scurk Story' page.

El Rey 1 tileset is first called the El Rey Tileset, but the birth of the El Rey 2 automatically changed its name. When this tileset was introduced to some of the important websites of Simcity in the net, like the Maxis homepage, Simcity Resources, and Scurk Mountain, it was mystically known as the Hong Kong and More tileset. Maybe most of the buildings I draw are found in HK. And there are also some from somewhere else of the world.

El Rey 1 is a completed tileset with 90% of the images drawn by me. While the El Rey 2 includes my 'new' images and there are about 10 - 15 of them.

If you want to see a complete preview of the images, please go to the Scurk Image Gallery page.

New Image of the El Rey tilesets : Shanghai's Jin Mao Building !

Jin Mao Building is the winner of the 35th Scurk Hall of Fame Award. Too bad the Hall of Fame website is no longer existing.  

El Rey Noches


El Rey Noches is a modified tileset of El Rey 1, which is the night time appearances of the buildings drawn in the tileset.

If the terrain of Simcity can also be darken, the tileset should look more suitable.

HK Urban Tileset This is the tileset for the HK Urban Area city. Basically the selection from El Reys and HK Millennium.
Millennium HK They are the tilesets found in the file list page of Millennium HK.
Following Jin Mao, Landmark Tower in the Millennium Tileset is also selected to the Hall OF Fame!!!
Millennium Macau They are the tilesets found in the part about Macau of the Millennium HK file list page.
You may go to the Millennium HK Files List Page for a preview.
Armageddon Tilesets They are the tilesets for the Armageddon Cities. A place of creativity. You may visit the Armageddon Page for a preview first.

Simcity 2000 Artworks

World Skyline A picture that combine some of the world's famous buildings. The images are created by me and other Simcity fans.
World Skyscrapers An illustration with scurk images to show different skyscrapers of the world, with their heights approximately shown.
HK Skyline

An aerial view of Hong Kong Island from the left, in scurk images. (A zip file)

HK Skyline Front

A modified front view of HK Island in scurk images.

Simcity 3000 Cities 

Hong Kong

The well-known Bank of China Tower facing the crowded peninsula.


Arc de Trioumph, La Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame.... I love you, Paris!

New York

New York, New York, the city never stops!

Experiment 1


What's that? A place for 2 millions.

Experiemnt 2

Many many farms, my sims will never starve now!

Genial !


City centre in 21st century - no longer dominated by skyscrapers. More concern should be put on the joyfulness of the residents. Let's make a theme park at the middle of our 2.2 millions citizens empire.