Armageddon Tile Set

An Asteroid heading to NYC

So much impressed by the movie about the end of man-kind brought about by comets attack, I try my best to create the cities that shown on the movie by using simcity 2000 techniques and materials. Perhaps,  I cannot compare my works with those shown on the movie. I still hope there maybe someone enjoys it.

Here are some examples of my creation :

Paris before Armageddon :

Pba.jpg (48486 bytes)

Paris after Armageddon :

Paa.jpg (45056 bytes) Paris after Armageddon as in movie

New York before Armageddon :

New York after Armageddon :

NYC after armageddon as in movie (11639 bytes)

Paris architectures after Armageddon :

Arc de Trioumph, La Tour Eiffel, Tour Monpartnesse, Notre Dame

Adtaa.jpg (4676 bytes) Eiffelaa.jpg (4872 bytes) Montaa.jpg (4541 bytes) Notreaa.jpg (5074 bytes)

New York architectures after Armageddon :

WTC as in movie, Chrysler drops his hat, AT&T half destroyed, A huge damaged

World Trade Centre after Armageddon