List of Millennium Files

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The Bionic Tower
P040842.jpg (3927 bytes)
The Bionic Tower.gif Millennium Tileset.mif

Central & Wanchai Reclamation
The new SAR HQ.gif The Cultural Tower.gif The Finance Tower.gif The AFC.gif
The Central Centre.gif The Piers.gif HK Station Building 1.gif HK Station Building 2.gif
P040842.jpg (3927 bytes)
The IFC.gif Millennium Tileset.mif
P040848.jpg (21168 bytes)
The New Skyline.jpg

West Kowloon Development

Gateway III.jpg (3491 bytes)
ICC 1 ICC 2 (Hall OF Fame) ICC 3.gif The Gateway III.gif
P040842.jpg (3927 bytes)
Millennium Tileset.mif

East Kowloon Clean City

P040842.jpg (3927 bytes)
The Observer Tower.gif The HK Dome.gif Millennium Tileset.mif

Lantau Island Travellers' Paradise
The Airport 1.gif The Airport 2.gif The Airport 3.gif The Airport 4.gif
The Airport 5.gif The Airport 6.gif The CLK Airport.gif
P040842.jpg (3927 bytes)
Millennium Tileset.mif

Millennium Development of HK

Millennium HK 1.sc2 Millennium HK 2.sc2 Millennium HK 3.sc2 Millennium HK 4.sc2
P040849.jpg (2788 bytes) P040850.jpg (2930 bytes) P040851.jpg (2946 bytes) P040852.jpg (2937 bytes)
Tileset for HK 1.mif Tileset for HK 2.mif Tileset for HK 3.mif Tileset for HK 4.mif

Millennium HK Combined.jpg

Millennium Development of Macau
The Macau Tower.gif The Cultural Centre.gif Hotel Lisboa.gif The Ruin of St. Paul.gif
P040842.jpg (3927 bytes)
Bank of China HQ.gif Millennium Macau.sc2 Tileset for Macau.mif Millennium Tileset.mif