My Miscellaneous


Notebook Memo Pencil Bag Pencil Case
Stationeries Desk Planner 1998


TR Camera Mug Large Flag Small Flag
Laser Picture TR Puzzle TR Showroom Model Stickers
Telephone 1:20 TR 1 Telephone 1:20 TR 2 Telecards - Japan Gas Station Toy
50 Years VCDs Game Player Foldable Bike Acer F1 Labtop
Playstation Controller Set Acer 1100  Acer Monitor 20"  Ashtray 
Oregon Scientific Alarm Clock Olympus 2004 Digital Camera Oregon Scientific Children Laptop F1 Bed Set
Acer Wireless Mouse Telescope Binoculars  

Car Accessory - the most precious part of my collection

From Top: 50 year's pin, the horse small (found on the panel), the horse large (found at the back, ventilation area), the horse medium (found at the front, ventilation area), Testarossa pin. Middle: The horse keyring, the Ferrari (found on the back cover), the cuff-links. Bottom: Screws, the horn (found on the hand wheel), the shield (found in S.F. cars), the trademark (found on the front cover), the Ferrari x Pinnifarina (found on the panel).
Side view Top view Keyring Cuff-links